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Nutrisystem Overview

There are a number of top level diet delivery programs available to help people to lose weight who have a limited amount of free time or are otherwise unable to work with a conventional diet plan.

One of the top programs in the country today is Nutrisystem.

This company provides the dieter with a special low calorie, low glycemic index (GI) diet plan that is about as easy as it comes to use and more convenient than just about any other diet plan available today.

It has been devised to help many people to lose weight by replacing their old, bad diet with a healthy, nutritious and fat busting diet. It especially helps those that don't want to go to all the bother of preparing special diet meals that are both time consuming and complex.

The Benefits

Instead, with Nutrisystem's super easy-to-use diet plan, you get a month's supply of ready to go meals delivered right to your door! That means:

All you need to do is store the meals in a cool dry place (or in the freezer in the case of the frozen meals) until you are ready to use them. Then each day, take either a breakfast, lunch or dinner meal, follow the simple instructions and you're ready to eat!

This is probably one of the simplest and easiest to use diet programs you will ever have the pleasure of losing weight with!

Why You Might Choose Nutrisystem

The articles in this section of the website are devoted to looking in more detail at the many aspects of the diet program. They have been put together to provide you with information and insights into how this hugely popular and successful diet system works and can work for you.

For someone who has never come into contact with this diet program before, here in a nutshell is how it works:

There are several diet plans specially tailored to the needs of men, women, diabetics, seniors and those that need a gluten free diet among their selection. They can be further customized to suit your individual needs and tastes. Customizing orders can be done online or by phone.

You've Ordered, so What's Next?

Once you have placed your order, the diet meals covering four weeks of food are shipped to your home. Meals include breakfast, lunch and dinner with a dessert as well as two snack bars that can be eaten between meals as required. There is also an easy to make daily protein shake that has been added to the latest 2012 menus.

The meals completely replace your regular meals and so you generally do not need to buy any food. However, there are recommendations that you can follow if you feel you need to add to the meals including certain vegetables and low fat dairy products. These are recommendations and are not obligatory.

More explicit information can be gained from reading our additional articles that cover these aspects of the plan.

More Information

In the right hand column of this site's home page is a list of helpful articles that are available on this amazingly convenient diet program. The first and probably most important is an unbiased review of the diet program, simply entitled Nutrisystem Reviews that covers just about all the major points both positive and negative.

The next article takes a close look at the overall cost of the diet plans, which is an important consideration to bear in mind before committing yourself to the diet. We also provide a run down of the several special discount coupon codes that you can use to obtain bonus offers. Lastly, we have included a separate article which just asks the question: "Does Nutrisystem work?" and explores the various reasons why it is so successful for so many people.

Of course, if you've seen enough and you want to visit the official Nutrisystem website to learn more or sign up for the program, please click your mouse on the promotional image banner you'll find on the reviews and analysis page to make sure that you take full advantage of their latest special offer.

- Terry Didcott

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