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Does Nutrisystem Work for Losing Weight?

It's a relatively common thing for potentially new customers to ask, "Does Nutrisystem work?"

I look at all the info on the many aspects of this popular diet food plan that is delivered to your door to see that it does work and how.

Well it would be remiss of me here if I were to overlook this doubt that some people may have in their minds.

So I'll take the bull by the horns in this article and take a long hard look at how Nutrisystem really works for people and how they can benefit from its simplicity and ease to lose weight.

First of all, it should be taken into account that unless you stick with a diet plan, then there is no diet plan that was ever invented and ever will be invented that will make you lose weight. Similarly, unless you compliment a diet plan with some daily exercise, you will hamper your chances of success.

Let's look at why this is.

Stick to the Diet

First of all, the mainstay of any diet plan is based upon you sticking to it. That means no cheating by snacking on junk or sweet foods in between meals.

It also means no eating sweets, candy, chocolate or similar when no one's looking. It also means if you drink tea or coffee you must not put sugar in the drink. All sugary drinks must be abstained from and that includes so-called "diet" or "sugar free" drinks.

Secondly, for any diet to be truly successful, you are going to have to do some things for yourself. The main one of those is doing some exercise.

If you don't do any exercise, your body will not burn up the excess calories. If you just diet and limit your calorie intake, you body will just slow itself down to match and worse, it will go into survival mode, where it will store every spare calorie as fat.

By exercising, even if its only light exercise, your body will burn the excess calories and speed up your metabolism. This is what you want to happen if you really want to lose weight. So, does it work?

Nutrisystem Diet

When it comes down to trying the Nutrisystem diet food delivery plan, just because it appears that all you have to do is eat the meals and that's all, that is definitely NOT all. You still have to do some things for yourself like exercising and adding your own vegetables to the diet food ready meals.

That's if you really want to give yourself the best chance of success. Then you are actually working in harmony with the product and not just sitting back like a big fat lazy slob and hoping the product will do it all for you.

In the real world, that just doesn't happen.

If you think you're going to lose weight by doing nothing for yourself, you are badly mistaken and are setting yourself up for a big disappointment.

The Nutrisystem weight loss diet may be pretty good and it can work for some folks who do very little else, or seem to. But it's not going to work for you if you don't put in some effort from your side of the park. Let's back up a second and look at that previous statement, shall we?

You Have To Take Action

Some people, for whatever reason have this ability to lose weight when they go on a diet and they just don't seem to do any additional exercise or anything that would need to be done by other folks who seem to do exactly the same things. Well, this can be easily explained, because no two people are exactly alike.

One person may not seem to do any exercise, but their physiology is made up of a fast metabolic system that burns off calories easier than others. So as soon as they go on a calorie controlled diet, they magically lose all the weight the program says they will lose, simply because they're made that way!

Its no great secret. On the other hand, there are folks with a naturally slow metabolism and going on a calorie controlled diet just makes that metabolism slow down even more, so they just never burn off the extra calories.

These are the folks that need to do the additional exercise to force their bodies into burning the extra calories in order to lose the weight. Again, it's no great mystery. Here are some great tips on fitness and exercise. It's good for you and it is something that is right at you for the most part.

So taking on this program will work well for folks that are naturally biased toward burning off the calories without them doing much extra in the way of exercise, because that's the way their bodies are. Other folks will try the Nutrisystem program and will need to do some exercise to get their bodies a kick start into burning those darn calories!

Reading Nutrisystem reviews (such as our very own right here, follow the big link below) expands a lot on this, so its worth taking a look at as well. It is what it is, and that's all there is to it!


So in conclusion, it would be fair to say that as long as you stick to the system and don't cheat and as long as you add some additional fresh green vegetables to the meals if you feel you need to bulk them out a little, it should work for you. If you only snack on fresh fruit in between meals, then you stand a better chance of it working for you.

Further Reading:

You can read some more on this incredibly easy to follow diet system in our very own review article you can read by clicking the link here.

Last words: Remember to take into account the overall cost of the diet program, then save yourself some money with coupon codes that are available. If you compliment the system with some daily exercise that gets you breathing hard, gets your heart rate up and makes you sweat for more than 20 minutes without taking a break, then Nutrisystem will almost certainly work for you by helping you to lose weight, which is what you want it to do.

- Terry Didcott


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Amber Bullock says:

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