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It may come as no real surprise to learn that weight loss tips come in many forms and from many different schools of thought and personal opinions.

Many of these tips will work for some people and not for others.

Here in this article the aim is to provide some solid tips for weight loss that have been proven to work for the majority of people who are looking to lose weight and are serious enough about it and want it badly enough to do things for themselves.

Wanting a Slimmer Body

This is the single most important aspect of any series of informative ideas to be effective. The person taking the advice has to want to lose weight and once they've achieved this, to keep it off.

That might sound a simple enough thing to do, but its a sad fact that the vast majority of people do not stick to their weight loss program for long enough for it to work properly and then claim it as a failure.

This is often because the weight loss program may be too demanding or time consuming, or it may be seen as a chore. People inherently do not like to do chores or anything that they do not enjoy doing, which pretty much covers most diets and many programs designed for helping people shed excess pounds and slim down.

So, when you think about it logically and add a smidgen of common sense thinking to the mix, the very best way to make any program for losing weight work is to make it enjoyable, simple, easy to do, without it being time or labor intensive and without it seeming like a chore that must be done! In other words it has to be something that a person would actually enjoy doing as part of their every day life!

I'm putting a series of articles together that will deal with several simple yet enjoyable ways to lose weight that anyone can incorporate into their daily lives without them seeming to be a chore or disagreeable in any way. These articles will be linked together under the same category and will appear in the main blog section of this website periodically.

In addition to these, our sister blog is also building into a useful and informative library of really good tips and techniques for shedding weight that can be used by anyone.

From Beginners to the More Advanced

But back here on this page, the main theme that will run through these weight loss for beginners and intermediates themed information is one of self-motivation and creating the desire to lose enough weight to make you feel good.

The hope is that when you realize just how simple and enjoyable losing weight can actually be, it will almost seem like you are not trying to do it at all, just to get more out of your life by doing things that are fun to do and that you can enjoy doing!

After all, you want to be enjoying every aspect of life, which is simply what everyone should be doing because life is meant to be enjoyable. So the emphasis will really be on achieving a healthy and sustainable body weight without all the unnatural diets, physical efforts and programs of which most are unnecessary and in some cases even dangerous.

"If it don't feel good, don't do it," should be your motto when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle and that goes for every aspect of that lifestyle, from what you eat to what you do and how you maintain your own healthy weight and body shape and fitness level.

Here's to your success!

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4 thoughts on "Weight Loss"

Sam Harding says:

Nice post buddy, couldn't agree more. Weight loss is all about three simple things, mindset, diet and exercise

Bruce says:

Of all the sites I've been reading through today, yours has been the most informative when it comes to finding some great weight loss tips as well as info on promoting a fitness and health image, which is your blog's title I believe! What a great site and such informative posts, I will certainly have to return to read more.


julie says:

Miracle diet pills are not all they're cracked up to be despite what we're spoon fed by the media. I like your honest, no nonsense approach to natural weight loss tips and strategies that us normal people can easily take on board and use with some success.



Suzanne McFarland says:

Hello there, this is a really cool blog. Great job. I didn't expect to find all this information on the many aspects of a healthy lifestyle as well as some great weight loss tips all in one handy place.


Suzanne McFarland