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Those who suffer from painful arthritis can read this series of articles and find out how they can reduce joint pain in a variety of different ways.

For anyone who suffers with joint pain or those aches and pains that seem to creep up on us as the years progress, this section on arthritis has been created to bring you information and advice on the subject.

As the author of these articles, it's important that you should know that I personally suffered from this painful, progressive condition in my early 30s but learned how to first control it and then how to rid my body of the disease using only natural methods. By writing about my own experience here, it is my hope that I can help others in a similar situation.

However, while my methods worked for me, I understand that it may not be so effective for everyone. But as no drugs are involved, this is something that anyone can try for themselves if they have a mind to.

Put it this way. Not trying will definitely not help you!


arthritis painLet's get started. My first experience with joint pain happened when I was just 32 with a painful swelling in my big toe. It lasted for over a week and I had no idea what it was.

What I did know was I could barely walk and it was not possible to wear a shoe or even a sock without experiencing intense pain. At night I couldn't sleep because there was no position that I could rest my foot that would make it comfortable and each slight movement sent a shock wave of pain through my body.

Do you recognize this condition? Yes, it's gout (as I later found out from my doctor).

My doctor prescribed the drug Allopurinol to control the excess uric acid that my body was producing and told me I would have to take it every day for the rest of my life. Now at that age, the rest of my life seemed like a very long time. But I have never been not one to give up and take the easy way out. There had to be a better solution that did not involve drugs and I was intent on finding it. Needless to say, I never started taking the drug.

Worse was to come.

Joint Pain

One attack of gout was soon followed by another but at the same time I started experiencing painful swellings in my ankles and knees. After some tests, my doctor confirmed it was the early stages of rheumatoid arthritis and that it would likely spread to my fingers, hands and wrists as well as other joints in my body.

I am also a musician and the thought that this condition may mean I may not be able to play the guitar ever again was too much to take. He recommended I should take non-steroidal anti-inflammatory pills (NSAIDS) for the swelling and to reduce the pain. More drugs! No way!

These are questions that hammered away inside my head over and over. I didn't know it back then, but where there is a need for something, that need can be filled if you just know where to look. I just didn't know where to start looking, at least not at first.

What I did know then was that nothing happens without a reason. I had to examine my lifestyle and look at where I needed to make changes.

The first thought was that I needed to reduce my intake of alcohol. My job in IT meant a culture that revolved around drinking at lunchtimes and I also liked to meet friends in the evenings for a social drink. I figured maybe this was too much. I cut back.

My next thought was that my diet left a lot to be desired. When I examined it more closely and actually wrote down everything I ate during the day for a week, I was appalled by the amount of junk and the lack of healthy food.

Unfortunately, the Internet was still in its infancy and there was not much information available from that medium. I had to do it the old fashioned way and visit the local library to learn about diet and nutrition and if there was any correlation to arthritis.

What I learned was explosive.

Diet is Everything!

I'd had no idea just how much influence the food we eat has on our health. It was a real eye-opener. But there was way too much information to assimilate. Nutrition is a huge subject!

I was interested to learn all I could but I knew it would take a long time. And I didn't have very much time! I had to narrow my search and home in on information that was diet-specific to the condition, which is pretty much what I did.

It was just one small book that totally saved me. That book is called "Curing Arthritis the Drug Free Way" by Margaret Hills SRN. It gave me answers that I didn't want to hear, but they made too much sense to ignore.

I'll talk about the methods outlined in that book in separate articles in this section of the website. I'll explore alternatives including new treatments and supplements that are coming onto the market, such as you'll find in this .

By attempting to bust some of the surrounding this condition, I hope to make it more accessible to people. There are bound to be those who are laboring under some misconceptions about it who will appreciate being told the truth. I'll also look at some of the that are available as well as how cider vinegar plays its part in my own long term cure.

I'll also be looking at how to do some light exercises that may be effective for the as well as taking a look at some effective home remedies for arthritis that you can make use of in tandem with advice and medication that you should in any case obtain from your doctor.

There are many ways in which making simple changes to your diet and lifestyle can bring a number of health benefits which will help to lessen the impact of the condition. Likewise, cultivating an attitude of determination and persistence will help bring the to carry on and work towards a self made recovery.

To give sufferers hope and to show them that it can be beaten with determination and perseverance, I'll also explain how, over time I halted the disease's progression in my body with a and to this day (20 years later) I have full mobility and no joint pain.

Most of it is down to eating a good, healthy diet and making sensible lifestyle changes. Prepare to be amazed.

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