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A Look at Natural Arthritis Treatment Options

Anyone that is suffering with the pain of arthritis may be interested in taking a look at natural arthritis treatment options that could bring relief and even a better way of life if they work.

There are two paths you can go down in treating the more common forms of arthritis.

In particular this relates to rheumatoid arthritis and those forms that are related to the inflammation of the joints caused by the auto-immune system as well as those that are age and wear-and-tear related such as osteoarthritis.

On the one hand, there are many tried and tested drug therapies and treatments that provide relief from pain and reduce the painful swelling, but come at a price in the form of nasty side-effects.

On the other hand, there are all-natural treatments that also have the ability to provide relief from pain and a reduction in swelling but without side-effects.

Unfortunately, the latter forms don't generally have the backing of the medical profession.

Making Your Choice of Treatment

natural arthritis treatmentAnyone suffering from the intense pain of a particularly badly swollen and stiff joint will tell you that the thought uppermost in your mind at the time is to take something to take away the pain.

I know from personal experience with both rheumatoid arthritis and gout that when the pain became excruciating, I simply lost the ability to remain rational. I used to suffer such terrible pain the ankles, feet and toes that I was unable to walk or put any weight on my feet at all.

In these times, over-the-counter pain killers and NSAIDs did NOT work for me. I once swallowed a whole box of ibuprofen in desperation but all it did was get rid of my headache.

Another time, I had to be driven to the emergency room at my local hospital so distraught with the pain I didn't know what else to do. But well meaning doctors pooh-poohed my desperate request for morphine or anything that would stop the pain.

Perhaps these experiences and others with my own doctor, who simply did not understand why I should be in so much pain, had some bearing on my turning my back on the medical profession for a cure for this terrible disease. I chose to research natural treatments and you can read about those experiences in a separate article published on this website entitled: Cider Vinegar for Arthritis.

Available Treatments

In those days, twenty years ago, there were no over-the-counter, effective natural treatments like those that are available today. All I had to work with were what basically amounted to old wives tales and herbal folklore that had been refined into a treatment that worked.

But that was a long term treatment that took the best part of a year to rid my body of the disease. During that time, I had to endure frequent bouts of intense pain without access to pain killers strong enough to bring relief.

As I was training as a hypnotherapist when the disease first became acute, I was able to use self hypnosis to create amnesia in the affected part of my body for a short while, but in the most intense bouts of pain, I was simply unable to concentrate enough to maintain that state. The pain was truly up to number 11 on a scale of 1-10.

But today, there are some extremely effective natural treatments available, such as Provailen, which I have covered in a separate article entitled: Arthritis Remedies: Provailen Review.

I would strongly suggest you read that review if you are suffering unnecessary pain and anguish over an arthritic condition and buy some to try for yourself.

There are absolutely no side effects, the treatment is free of any drug and is completely safe for all ages.

How Effective are Natural Remedies for Arthritis?

natural arthritis remedyIt's perfectly natural to want to know how effective these all-natural treatments are for sufferers of all forms of arthritis.

Without the endorsement of the medical profession, natural remedies are often bypassed by people because they don't believe they are really effective, or at least not as effective as drugs.

The truth is that treatments like Provailen are just as effective as their drug-based counterparts with the added bonus that they do NOT come with the awful side-effects that accompany many of the drug treatments for this condition.

Provailen acts to reduce the inflammation in the joints at source, whereas drugs target and suppress the auto-immune system, leaving the patient vulnerable to contracting other illnesses that their bodies can no longer effectively fight off. The active ingredient in Provailen, reishi, is a naturally occurring fungus that has been used by Oriental civilizations for many thousands of years to treat joint pain and swelling.

The western world is gradually waking up to the effectiveness of a multitude of natural remedies that originated in ancient China and other eastern cultures. Drug companies are spending millions of dollars in research on many of these to see if they can synthesize these substances and in turn make billions of dollars more by marketing them to consumers.

If these natural substances were not effective, the drug companies would not be investing so much in their research and development!

- Terry Didcott


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