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Motivation for Arthritis Sufferers

Being diagnosed with one of the forms of arthritis can be a devastating thing.

Whether it is rheumatoid, osteo or a less common form; the confirmation that your painful joints are the result of this disease can be a serious setback.

But it doesn't have to be. In fact allowing yourself to wallow in self pity and depression over the diagnosis can actually work to worsen the situation a lot faster than it ought to.

So what is the best way to deal with learning that you are an arthritis sufferer?

Get Motivated

motivation for arthritisOne of the best natural arthritis remedies and a great way to deal with this condition is to stay upbeat and positive and take your attention off the condition as far as possible and onto more interesting things.

After all, where is the joy in feeling down and hopeless? None whatsoever!

You have to remember that while you may have arthritis, it doesn't mean you have to give in to the illness. There are many things that you can do to fight back and lead as normal a life as you possibly can, despite what the doctors say.

Staying happy and laughing a lot is one of the best ways of dealing with adversity, while worrying and stressing about it will only make it worse!

Positive Attitude

The best way of staying happy is to cultivate a positive mental attitude and spend as much time as possible working on ways to make you feel happy. The best way to do this is to actively seek out things that make you laugh!

positive attitude toward arthritisDon't laugh... or actually DO laugh! This is serious, except that you're not allowed to be serious for one moment!

Laughter is the best medicine you can take for any condition, so get laughing at anything and everything by seeing the funny side of life and you will not only take your mind off the problem, but you will be helping your body to repair itself far more effectively.

The best way to see how you're feeling is to take a look at what you are thinking about most of the time. It sometimes takes a little practice if you've never done it before, but really taking a close look at what's in your thoughts can bring about some interesting revelations. Here's why:

Don't Let Your Thoughts Control You

Many people simply think about whatever is going on around them and then hold internal conversations about anything that is controversial or that may annoy or even anger them.

In order to fell happy, you can't allow your thoughts to be centered on unhappy or angry situations. You have to make sure your thoughts are on happy or nice situations.

But when you read newspapers or watch the TV news shows, your mind is getting bombarded with bad news that makes you unhappy, sad or angry and frustrated. The problem is that there is rarely anything you can do about those bad news stories except hold imaginary conversations in your head.

If you get angry at a news story you are likely to have an angry internal conversation with whoever is the focus of that story. It makes you madder and madder and maybe you think you are getting some kind of closure or satisfaction from that angry inner conversation, but when you really stop and think about, the only person who is suffering is you.

Your thoughts are literally making you sick and making you arthritis worse, because when we are sad or angry or experiencing other strong negative emotions, our bodies stop repairing themselves and allow disease to more easily invade us and prosper. Obviously, this is something we do not want.

Be Happy

So do yourself a big favor and stop reading newspapers or watching the news and turn you attention to happy, funny TV shows or read funny books or magazines or even comic books.

Sure many comic books are really meant for kids, but if you know of a comic book that makes a child roar with laughter, then you should be reading yourself and getting some of that precious laughter of your own!

When you're happy your body is working to help you by repairing damaged tissue and creating more new, healthy cells. By putting yourself in a happy state you are helping yourself to cope better with the disease, be better able to deal with the pain of arthritis and to get better.

Don't expect to see results right away, as it takes time to undo the damage that may have been many years in the making. But while the physical effects of leading a happy lifestyle work slowly but surely, the immediate effects of laughter you will notice is that it totally takes your attention off the pain.

And when you're not thinking about pain, you're not experiencing it!

- Terry Didcott


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