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Buying a Juicer

For a long time, Americans have always had the best choice when it comes to consumer goods and groceries.

The choice and price in the States is simply wider and cheaper than in the UK. At the same time, health enthusiasts in Britain can actually get hold of what are among the best juicers and blenders as long as they know where to look.


Omega are a well known company in the US. Their juicers are regarded as some of the highest quality and best value models available. While UK customers might not be able to find these machines in department stores at the moment, they can be ordered online for specialist retailers.

Picking a juicer is an exciting process. There are different styles which each have their own particular features. The owner of the Juice Fiend UK Juicer Store recommends the Omega VRT350HD as the best juicer.

This is a somewhat subjective judgement. Although this is understandable because we all have varying needs when it comes to juicing.

The beauty of this particular machine is its marriage of speed, ease of use and versatility. Not to mention the fact that the juice it makes, tastes great. This particular model is a masticating juicer.

Eating Healthily

As people become more aware of the need to eat a healthy diet if they are to enjoy the best of health, it is likely that more and more of us will turn to juicing as a way to improve the quality of the nutrition consume. The way these appliances work is to give us a concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals.

Eating fruits and vegetables is best. Getting whole food nutrition means we get all the goodness that fruits and vegetables have to offer. However juicing does have some unique advantages.

While eating ten oranges might seem somewhat extreme to many people, drinking the juice from ten oranges, about one litre, is a lot more realistic. In fact, juicing is a great way for us to consume lots of fruit and vegetable goodness.

Picking a juicer needn't be a difficult process. There are a few variables that you have to think about:

Even though it may be easier for people to find juicers to buy in the US, if you know where to look, you can find a great choice of the best products on sale in the United Kingdom.

Widen your net as far as possible by searching both online and in real world brink and mortar hardware stores and kitchen appliance stores in your locale. That way you get to see what's available and compare prices online while getting out to the shops will enable you to see selected items up close for a better decision making experience.

The bottom line is you need a well-built and good quality appliance that can do what you need it to do at a price you can afford to pay for it!

Don't you owe it to yourself to invest in your own health?

- Terry Didcott


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