There is a lot to be said for the recuperative properties that come with many medieval herbal remedies and medicines. Here we provide some excellent resources where you can learn all about the ways in which these ancient cures were used and how scientists are rediscovering some of their long forgotten properties and using them to cure ailments today.

On this page we look at an excellent book that takes Medieval Herbal Medicine and explains it at great length. We also take an outsider’s look at what you might come to expect from purchasing it from Amazon.

Medieval Herbal RemediesMedieval Herbal Remedies

The Old English Herbarium and Anglo-Saxon Medicine by Anne Van Arsdall.

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What is it All About?

This incredibly detailed reference presents for the first time and up-to-date and easy-to-read translation of a historical medical reference work that was used extensively in Western Europe from the fifth century well into the renaissance period. Its 350 pages are packed with interesting and useful information for anyone wanting to learn more about how herbs and other plants were used as effective healing medicines in ancient times.

This amazing reference book lists no less than 185 medicinal plants, the uses for each and a collection of remedies that were compounded using them. The translation of this great reference will fascinate medievalists, medical historians and the layman alike. If you have any interest in learning about how our ancestors found and discovered how to use certain plants and herbs for medicinal and healing purposes, then this book will certainly teach you a thing or two.

Everyone should improve their knowledge about their health and the natural methods that have been known for hundreds of years and are only now being rediscovered and used by some medical experts. Even if you are not wildly fascinated by herbalism and the use of plants to bring about better health and remedy certain ailments, it is a great source of knowledge that your family and children might gain a useful education from.

You can never gain too much knowledge, especially when it can have such a wonderful and positive impact on your health and the health of your family. Books are for reading, learning and acting as a long term reference that are always there for you even when your power goes out of your Internet connection goes down. You just can’t beat a good book and this one certainly will not disappoint anyone seeking to extend their knowledge in this area!