On this page we take a look at the many benefits of Banana Boat Vitamin E Gel and how it can be used to make a positive difference in your life as well as other related health products. We also provide a recommendation for products containing this ingredient for your convenience.

Protect yourself and your lips from the harmful rays of the sun and the ultra violet light that is present. Banana Boat aloe vera and vitamin E lip balm is very water/sweat resistant, helps soothe and keeps your lips soft and supple. Take some with you when you go on vacation to the sun and you’ll be so glad that you did!

This ultra-sheer formula with patented AvoTriplex technology protects in 3 ways. When you use it before going out doors, it protects your lips against several environmental factors such as:

  • Painful sunburn protection with its high UVB protection
  • Fortification against the appearance of aging
  • prevention of long-term skin damage thanks to its combined constituents of aloe vera and high UVA protection

In addition to these three great ways in which to provide great protection for your skin, it lasts longer than ordinary sunscreens. This is because it doesn’t break down under exposure to sunlight. With miracle plant aloe vera included as part of its makeup, this lip balm is also perfect for keeping lips in tip top condition. Its all thanks to the health giving properties of this amazing plant extract that is used in its manufacture.

Save Money

The item displayed in the image above and which is linked to at Amazon.com is the SPF 30, 0.15 ounce pack of 12. Update: Please note that this product is currently unavailable and has since been taken down from this page so as to avoid confusion.

Buying the twelve pack saves you money and insures that you always have a tube of this amazing lip balm handy wherever you go. In fact with the pack of twelve you can place them around the house so that wherever you are, if you suddenly feel the need to use some on your lips, there will be a handy tube to hand!

If you are looking to buy a certain brand of lip balm, please take advantage of any special price deal Amazon may provide by clicking the image link above to visit the official sales page where you can find out more about this great product and read some customer reviews while you’re about it.