This is the index page for the reports section of this website. You'll find in this area of the site a collection of health related reports on a variety of topics that fall under that banner.

While this is not really meant to be a definitive collection of medical journal style reports, it has been created here to fill a need in the kind of information provided by this site. These report style articles aim to be factual and informative while maintaining a sense of readability that will, we hope appeal to a wider audience of visitors.

What Do You Want to See Here?

Naturally, as an interactive site you, the visitor have the chance to provide constructive feedback that can enhance the value of this site. To this end, we actively encourage people to drop us a line via our Contact Us page with suggestions on topics they would like to see covered here. As long as the subjects you want are legitimate healthy topics that you'd be happy to show to your grandmother to read, then we'll be happy to spend some time researching and writing them for you.

We will endeavor to honor those requests and research topics that we feel would indeed add to the value of this site. So don't be shy, go right ahead and tell us what you want to see here and we'll write the articles you want to see.

There are some topics that we will not touch upon, however. Those that are based on unsavory or anti-social precepts, adult material of an explicit nature or anything that we deem unsuitable will be avoided. This is a good, clean family site and we want to keep it that way.

Making it Better

The whole focus is on making this site better for our visitors and to make this site your one stop health information site for any related subject that interests you. Currently, we are working on bringing you a collection of resource focused review style articles covering the kinds of health related products that are currently available to purchase online.

As we find more items of interest, you can be sure we'll go right ahead and create our own brand of informative and hopefully entertaining articles on the subjects. So please bookmark this site and drop in whenever you want to read some more of our thoroughly researched and well written original articles. We're writing them for you, after all!