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image of healthPeople can read the articles published on this website and learn a lot about their health and how they can maintain a good health image or improve their health if necessary. Physical health is something that many of us take for granted and it is only when things start to go wrong that we sit up and take notice. Some people are more proactive and take steps to ensure their health stays in the best possible state.

If you are concerned enough about the state of your health to want to take action and do something positive about maintaining it in a good state of happy health or improve it if is is a little under par, then you have come to the right place. There is a wealth of useful information on all aspects of personal health body image and here.

There is much that you can do to achieve your creative potential and make the most of the assets that you have in your ability to learn, understand and apply knowledge. The more that you know, the better equipped you are to make the most of your physical health.

There are many ways in which you can improve your physical health while also working with your mental abilities to literally create a new you. All it takes is some inner motivating force to get you to take action by acting on the information you can learn here.

Of course, merely reading about how you can improve your personal levels of health and fitness is one thing. You have to do something to bring it about! That means you have to take action to improve your diet and to get more exercise into your lifestyle.

While you may learn much from media such as television, there is no substitute for informative reading material. Your health is more important to you than anything else, so make sure you look after it. Having a good health image will help you live a long and happy life.

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The Health of Our Meat

Posted by on 14 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: diet

The last post here, The Health of Our Crops, looked at the crop farming industry and how organic farming can turn things around with regards our health and wellness. So here, I’ll look at the benefits of eating organically produced meat and poultry and the downside to intensively reared and farmed meat.

First, let’s look at what we already know about intensively farmed livestock. Knowing exactly what is in your food can make a big difference to your overall health. Cows and pigs, which are herbivores, are fed with protein rich feed that can also contain ground up flesh and bones of dead farmyard animals. Many people simply don’t know this, or if they do they choose to ignore it because the idea is pretty disgusting to have to think about. If this isn’t bad enough, these poor abused animals are also regularly fed a diet rich in growth hormones and antibiotics which make the animals reach maturity much faster than they would naturally.

These force-grown animals see little of the beautiful fields that we associate with grazing animals. They spend nearly all of their miserable and thankfully short lives in small pens where their movements are restricted to prevent them from harming themselves and others. Of course the true reason for this is to avoid damaging the supermarket shrink wrapped and neatly packaged meat they are destined to become.

Another common misconception is the image of cute little chickens scratching around the grounds of the farm house for seeds and worms and scattering as the farmer walks past on his way to go to work. If you think the life of those cute little birds is really like that, think again. Poultry are kept in tiny cages for similar reasons (to prevent them hurting each other) and their beaks are cut to stop them pecking each other. They are also fed steroids, growth hormones and a cocktail of antibiotics to prevent the infections that would surely wipe out so many birds kept in such close quarters.

Okay, if this running commentary is staring to sound a little like an animal rights tirade, I apologize. It’s just the plain old truth. And no one really likes to hear that, do they!

Well guess what their organically raised cousins get as a lifestyle? Yep, they get to roam around the farmyard and graze in those fields, at least having a life before being shipped off to the abattoir. They also are not pumped full of hormones and antibiotics as they lead a more healthy lifestyle and enjoy more freedom of movement around their home.

Now which meat would you rather take home from the supermarket and feed to your family? The cheaper stuff that still contains residues of all those hormones and antibiotics, knowing how those animals were treated before their miserable existences were snuffed out? Or the more expensive organic stuff that is just meat?

Not only that, but which do you imagine might be the more healthy choice for your family’s diet?

Oh yeah, no contest! In my next post I’ll ruffle a few more feathers with a look at how healthy the dairy industry is.

Terry Didcott

The Health of Our Crops

Posted by on 09 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: diet

The last post, Healthy Despite It All, took a swipe at what is wrong with the farming industry and the food that is produced for our tables. It also looked at solutions that are available in organic farming practices. So in this post, let’s carry this subject further by taking a look at the way in which our crops are farmed organically.

With better soil to grow in and far fewer chemicals to leech into their flesh, organically grown vegetables herald in an era where slowly but surely, farmers are realizing that they can return to traditional farming methods whilst still employing modern technology to make it all easier. Make no mistake, it is hard work making this transformation and comes at a dollar cost, but in most cases that cost can be offset by higher profits down the line.

Intensive to Organic

Transforming previously intensively farmed land back to organic methods takes time and several years may need to pass before it can certified organic. This is because chemicals that used to be sprayed on the crops and were therefore dissolved into the soil have to dissipate either with rainfall or being naturally broken down by the re-introduction of organic matter and good bacteria and fauna. But in the interim, the farmer can still work the soil and gradually produce better and healthier crops year upon year.

Does Organic Food Taste Better?

Organically grown fruit and vegetables not only contain more nutrients than their starved intensively grown cousins, but they also taste better as there is no chemical residue to taint the flavor. That makes them better for us and our general health. Of course, the agriculture industry are swift to counter any claims that their produce does contain any chemical residues, but come on, we are intelligent human beings and we know what our own common sense tells us. We know that organic food is far healthier for us and our families, there can be no argument about that!

In the past, the farming industry was able to keep doing what they were doing without having to worry about what consumers thought, because they had most of them fooled into thinking that the intensive model was the best because it enabled farms to produce the maximum yield for the available acre of arable land. The truth of course was that in order to maintain that yield, a lethal cocktail of chemicals had to be sprayed onto the soil and the crops.

Chemical Poisons of Intensive Farming

In the first instance, spraying fungicides and herbicides onto the soil was necessary to prevent soil borne bacteria from building up and damaging the crop from below, while preventing weeds from growing and choking out the main crop. In the second instance, the crops themselves had to be strayed with chemical fertilizers to make then grow fast along with fungicides to prevent fungal damage and pesticides to kill any insects or other pets from eating and damaging the crop. A periodic spray of selective weedkillers kept new weeds from growing during the main growing season for the crop.

Chemical Free Organic Farming

On the other side of the coin, organic farming does not rely on the use of chemicals to maintain a healthy crop and a decent yield. Plants grow better in soil enriched by organic matter such as compost as this natural soil conditioner enriches and feeds the growing medium while suppressing soil borne diseases and reducing the levels of pests that live in the soil.

The technique of companion planting helps to reduce attacks by pests while a percentage of the crop can handle some slight damage. All in all, this is such a friendlier way of growing our food, its crazy that it was ever forsaken for the intensive farming method.

But there is also organically farmed meat and poultry to consider in this healthy equation, and it is that which I’ll be looking at in my next post.

Terry Didcott

Healthy Despite It All

Posted by on 05 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: health

In this post, I’d like to talk about how we can stay healthy despite it all. By that I mean how we as a race manage to remain in a healthy state even though we are fed on a diet of food that is mass produced, full of potentially harmful artificial additives and deficient in many of the essential vitamins and minerals that we need. So let’s look at that in more detail and discover what we can do and are doing to improve the odds against suffering ill health.

The mineral and nutrient deficiency in the vast majority of food that we buy is a serious problem that the enlightened amongst us can do quite a lot about. First thing that needs to happen is for more people to stand up and tell the food industry that this is just not good enough.

Consumer Power

Consumers can wield a lot of power, they just aren’t organized enough or united in a definite goal to be effective. That is changing slowly as more people are becoming more aware of their ability to unite and conquer traditional strongholds in the industries that have had us held to ransom for way too long.

Unfortunately, right now the food industry as a whole is extremely powerful and has a veritable army of PR people who are very good at swaying public opinion away from the important issues. They have managed to force the US Congress to U turn on several additive bans and health issues over the decades, such is their reach and power of persuasion.

You have to see past this.

Gathering Strength

A minor revolution that is going to be good for the general health of people is already happening in the farming industry with smaller, breakaway farmers returning to traditional farming methods and turning their backs on the lethal cocktails of chemical fertilizers, pesticides etc that intensive farming methods employ. They are, instead, turning to organic farming methods that drastically cut the need for the vast majority of these chemicals. They are once again treating the soil with the respect it deserves and being repaid with healthier crops that are regaining their nutrient levels.

This is extremely good news for you and your family’s health.

It means that you can buy organically grown fruit and vegetables that are virtually free of chemicals (the UK Soil Association allows a maximum of 6 chemical pest control substances to be used on crops that can then be labeled “organic”). This will help us to stay healthy from the inside out.

By using natural organic matter to enrich the soil (instead of chemical fertilizer) the friendly bugs along with the worms return to play their part in the overall scheme of things. Together, this produces healthier crops that taste better, leading to healthy eating and a better chance of enjoying better overall health.

The downside is they cost more, but what price are you going to place on your children’s health? I reckon its a price well worth paying.

Terry Didcott

Using Detox Kits Helps Maintaining Your Health

Posted by on 01 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: health

Many health problems these days are directly or indirectly caused by accumulation of man made toxins in our bodies. Every time factories pollute the air, or release their waste in the waters, we are exposed to the waste. Not necessarily directly, but as the water gets polluted the crops that are watered get polluted.

When the air is no longer clean, the air we are breathing is not clean, and neither is the rain that waters the plants we eat, and the plats the animals we eat, etc. This puts a dramatic stress on our bodys’ detoxification systems, and the modern day nutritional habits can’t cope up with this.

Most people are fundamentally against eating vitamin supplements and using herbal supplements to help maintain their health. They say that “a versatile diet is all I need”. The problem is that most of these people don’t eat a versatile diet, and because our vegetables are power-grown we no longer get enough vitamins and minerals from them.

Most of the fruits we eat are imported, and they are picked from the trees when they still are raw. They don’t develop as much antioxidants as they should, and as a result, we don’t get enough antioxidants from them. This is where using a body detox kit on a regular basis will come in to the picture.

As we are exposed to more toxins than our bodies can handle, and our detoxification systems lack the necessary elements to function at full power, we need to supply the system and avoid possible pollution. Unfortunately most of the pollution is unavoidable, and even in remote areas of the north pole, we can find chemicals that have travelled there airborne. So all we can do is detoxify, detoxify and detoxify.

What do we need to detox properly? We need vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We might also need specific natural compounds which boost our liver detoxification pathways. These can be a key in a detox program, and between these perhaps week long programs, one should supply the body with enough vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep the process going.

The body is a complex system, and going in to details on how one can benefit from detox kits can be too much for the scope of this medium. What I do want to emphasize is that when you get rid of your waste more efficiently, your body will have more power to burn fat and keep your immune functions working properly.

Also when harmful estrogens leave your body, the risk for diseases such as cancer reduce. And when you lose weight, you are less likely to get diabetes or CVD.

So take it upon yourself to do something positive to look after your body and keep your weight in check. You’ll benefit from doing that in a myriad of ways, not least of all helping to feel better, have more energy and look great!

How Does Weight Loss Therapy Work?

Posted by on 04 Jun 2011 | Tagged as: weight loss

There are many areas in which can be found solutions to problems of physical unfitness, being overweight and even clinical obesity, but most of the more popular methods tend to focus on the physical side of things. There is, however a highly potent solution to being overweight that has little to do directly with the physical and everything to do with the mental areas.

This is often referred to as weight loss therapy but is more commonly known as hypnotherapy for weight loss. This is a growing solution as more people become aware of the mind’s potential to ultimately control what the body does.

Verifying the Mind

For way too long, most people pooh poohed the very idea that the mind had any real input into a person becoming overweight. They preferred to believe what the saw in that it was all down to eating a bad diet and getting little or no physical exercise. While these two aspects of a person’s life are of course very much a part of the reason for gaining weight, they are not the only reason.

The human mind is an intricate and still little understood marvel of nature, but little by little, experts in the field are gradually unraveling its many mysteries. One area that is fast becoming better understood by those that are open minded enough to accept more than just what they see, is the way in which the mind interacts with the physical body to regulate and manipulate its overall health.

Closed Mind? Then Open Up!

If you can drop your skepticism and blinkered viewpoints (if you have them) for a moment and really open yourself up to the possibilities here, you would begin to realize that a person’s health really is ultimately controlled by their mind. It makes perfect sense when you think about it. What do you think is working away in the background keeping our heart beating, our lungs drawing air, our digestive system processing and eliminating the food we eat, our blood circulating through our body, our body temperature regulated and a thousand and one other aspects of keeping us alive?

It is our mind, or more correctly, the unconscious part of our mind. It all happens without us having to consciously think of any of it.

Unconscious Mind

For if we had to, we would soon die. Our conscious thoughts would be so cluttered with remembering to:

  • Trigger the next heartbeat
  • Digest that piece of pie we just ate
  • Get the oxygen that our last expansion of our lungs just drew into our body into the bloodstream and to the muscles that need it

…and so on and so forth, that we would easily skip one important area like maybe forgetting to trigger an immune response to a sudden viral attack when someone standing next to us sneezed.

The conscious mind is designed to think conscious thoughts, to make calculations, make decisions and to create our lives as we go. It actually cannot multi-task very well at all. Try thinking about two or more different tasks at once and you will see that it is almost impossible to have your undivided attention p;aced on more than one or maybe two things at the same time!


But your unconscious can multi-task and keep hundreds of processes running smoothly at the same time, which is how you stay alive. That unconscious part influences how our bodies work. For the purposes of keeping our physical body weight at the right level, it has a program that it follows and if nothing influences that program, then we will stay at the correct weight.

But if that unconscious program is affected by external circumstances (and it can also be influenced by our conscious state of mind) then things can get out of kilter and we can gain weight or in some cases actually lose weight and become unhealthily underweight. It doesn’t just happen by itself.

The controlling state of mind cause the imbalance. And that manifests physically in our eating more, or eating more of the wrong foods and wanting to exercise less, or become very lazy or lethargic, slowing our metabolism down and causing the excess food to be stored as an excess of fat.


Where the weight loss therapist comes into the equation is in the assisting of the person to get back into balance. They do that by using mental techniques through hypnosis or deep relaxation to identify what is causing the mental imbalance and put things right again.

This can take several sessions of therapy to bring about a full recovery. But once the mental blockage has been removed, the mind can once again find its correct balance and the program that controls the person’s physical weight can once again work the way it was designed to.

The result is seen in the person returning to a more healthy diet, eating less and gaining energy and the will to become more active again, which boosts the metabolism and cause the body to burn off the stored up fat. The result is gradual weight loss until the person’s correct weight is regained.

What Can You Not Accept?

There will be many reading this that simply will not accept it or believe it can work in this way. All I can say to you is that you can only believe what you want to believe and no one can force belief upon you.

If you want to accept this and that it actually does work, then you will be making a shift in your own perception. Where you once only accepted the blinkered perception that “seeing is believing”, you can now open your eyes to what is more true as “believing is seeing”.

If we believed only the testimony of our eyes as in “seeing is believing”, we would accept many things that were not true. If you stand at the shore and watch a ship sink into the horizon, your eyes tell you that the ship is sinking or falling off the edge of the world.

This was the belief for millenia until it was proved that the world is in fact round. If you stand by a railroad track and look into the distance, the tracks appear to converge. In reality they do not.

Your eyes are telling you falsely! Similarly, when you look at the way in which weight loss therapy works and only look at the surface results, your eyes will tell you falsely, which is only what you can see. When you come to realize that to have faith means believing in things that you cannot see, but must accept them as truth, then you have taken a step forward in your own evolutionary progress.

Whether you believe it or not, the fact that mind controls what happens to our bodies is real and the results that people achieve by believing cannot be refuted or dismissed as hokum. You choose on which side of the fence you wish to sit, because you have a mind which enables you to think for yourself and form your own decisions.

Terry Didcott

How Convenient is Your Diet?

Posted by on 13 May 2011 | Tagged as: diet

It is an aspect of modern life that many people want to take the easy way out whatever the task at hand may be. When it is a case of having to lose weight, then they look for the simplest diet they can find and look upon exercise as something that they will avoid at all costs. So they turn to what are often referred to as convenience diets, or those diets where a company makes all your food and ships it to your home.

There are several different weight loss diet companies that provide their customers with convenience diets that are designed to make the dieters’ lives as easy as it is possible to be. At least as easy as life can be when you are on a calorie controlled and often portion restricted diet that is designed to help you lose weight. Which you choose is often down to either personal preference or in many cases as far as your bank or credit card account will allow you to spend on one.

There are several benefits to making use of this kind of diet. They are mainly aimed at people who lead busy lifestyles, often working long hours or spending little time at home. Having to mess around with preparing and then cooking specially measured and proportioned meals is something that people with this kind of lifestyle simply do not have the time to devote to. So the lure of having all your meals prepared and delivered to your door is a tempting option, especially when the alternative is to have pizza or another high calorie, weight gaining meal delivered to your home.

So the likes of Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig, Bistro MD, eDiets and Diet-to-Go (among others) are all queuing up for the business of the busy person who needs to lose weight but doesn’t have the time to lose it in the conventional way. This is a perfect solution for them, but they are not the only people who turn to these diet meal delivery programs to help them achieve their weight loss goals.

These diets also attract the attention of people who cannot (or will not) cook, busy moms who don’t seem to have the time to cook and people who just want an easy life. Funny how it gets back to wanting that easy life and being prepared to pay a little extra to get it. It’s not that we’re opposed to people trying to get it as easy as they can, as an easy life is often a desirable situation to be in. The bottom line is that if this kind of diet helps you to lose weight, then it has done its job and you have gained what you set out to do.

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