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image of healthPeople can read the articles published on this website and learn a lot about their health and how they can maintain a good health image or improve their health if necessary. Physical health is something that many of us take for granted and it is only when things start to go wrong that we sit up and take notice. Some people are more proactive and take steps to ensure their health stays in the best possible state.

If you are concerned enough about the state of your health to want to take action and do something positive about maintaining it in a good state of happy health or improve it if is is a little under par, then you have come to the right place. There is a wealth of useful information on all aspects of personal health body image and here.

There is much that you can do to achieve your creative potential and make the most of the assets that you have in your ability to learn, understand and apply knowledge. The more that you know, the better equipped you are to make the most of your physical health.

There are many ways in which you can improve your physical health while also working with your mental abilities to literally create a new you. All it takes is some inner motivating force to get you to take action by acting on the information you can learn here.

Of course, merely reading about how you can improve your personal levels of health and fitness is one thing. You have to do something to bring it about! That means you have to take action to improve your diet and to get more exercise into your lifestyle.

While you may learn much from media such as television, there is no substitute for informative reading material. Your health is more important to you than anything else, so make sure you look after it. Having a good health image will help you live a long and happy life.

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Buying a Juicer in the U.K.

Posted by on 29 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: healthy diet

For a long time, Americans have always had the best choice when it comes to consumer goods and groceries. The choice and price in the States is simply wider and cheaper than in the U.K. At the same time, health enthusiasts in Britain can actually get hold of the best juicers and blenders as long as they know where to look.

Omega are a well known company in the U.S. Their juicers are regarded as some of the highest quality and best value models available. While U.K. customers might not be able to find these machines in department stores at the moment, they can be ordered online for specialist retailers.

Picking a juicer is an exciting process. There are different styles which each have their own particular features. The owner of the Juice Fiend U.K. Juicer Store recommends the Omega VRT350HD as the best juicer.

This is a somewhat subjective judgement. Although this is understandable because we all have varying needs when it comes to juicing. The beauty of this particular machine is its marriage of speed, ease of use and versatility. Not to mention the fact that the juice it makes, tastes great. This particular model is a masticating juicer.

As people become more aware of the need to eat a healthy diet if they are to enjoy the best of health, it is likely that more and more of us will turn to juicing as a way to improve the quality of the nutrition consume. The way these appliances work is to give us a concentrated dose of vitamins and minerals.

Eating fruits and vegetables is best. Getting whole food nutrition means we get all the goodness that fruits and vegetables have to offer. However juicing does have some unique advantages. While eating ten oranges might seem somewhat extreme to many people, drinking the juice from ten oranges, about one litre, is a lot more realistic. In fact, juicing is a great way for us to consume lots of fruit and vegetable goodness.

Picking a juicer needn’t be a difficult process. There are a few variables that you have to think about:

  • how much can you afford?
  • what sorts of juices would you like to make?
  • is speed an issue?
  • do you require a quiet juicer?

Even though it may be easier for people to find juicers to buy in the U.S, if you know where to look, you can find a great choice of the best products on sale in the United Kingdom. Don’t you owe it to yourself to invest in your own health?

Massage Chairs Could Help Heart Surgery Patients

Posted by on 20 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: health

Most of us have tried or at least seen one of those chairs that have built in massagers to take care of all the tension in your back and legs. They seem like a luxury item, and thanks to quite a hefty price tag most of us won’t be able to afford them in our homes, but we can use them in places like health spas for a small price.

Massage therapy can be used with heart surgery patientsIt seems though that these massage chairs are not only a luxury item for people who can’t think of anything else to do with their money, but they can also bring about quite a few benefits for people who have gone through heart surgery, or are otherwise heart patients.

Some doctors do not recommend, and in fact can ban you from having a massage after you have gone through a heart surgery, but according to Mayo Clinic, it could actually be a good thing. They recommend light massaging therapy for anyone who has gone through the surgery as it will speed up recovery and at the same time it will make the time more enjoyable. According to a study they did, getting regular massages actually significantly sped up the recovery from the surgery, and it reduced pain and anxiety that is often related to a post surgery state.

Now they didn’t really use these devices for the process, and we can be pretty sure that chair manufacturers will not market their products for this purpose because they want to ┬ábe careful, but when used on a light program, an electric massaging seat could bring similar benefits than a therapy given by a professional. Of course you can’t expect a machine to give similar therapy as a well trained professional, but this study points towards the fact that it could be safe to use massagers to reduce pain and help the patient relax.

After all, when you reduce your pain and are able to get rid of tension and anxiety, you will feel better about your recovery. And it has been shown frequently that a positive mind will not only speed up recovery but it will also make it a lot more pleasant.

Many of these devices are able to deliver a wide array of relaxing programs ranging from aggressive deep tissue message all the way to just a comfortable lymphatic variant. There are many settings from shiatsu to vibrating to Swedish massage, and should someone use a chair like this for the above mentioned purposes, they should always consult their doctor first.

At the same time you should keep the rub down at a comfortable level so that you will still enjoy it and be able to stimulate circulation and relax those achy and tense muscles. After all, getting comfortable is the whole purpose of these chairs.

If you can’t afford to purchase one for your home, you could find a health club where you can use one. It is much cheaper than booking an appointment with a professional rubbing down therapist, and usually you can find a free chair much easier than a massage therapist that has the time for you.

Dietary Protection Against Disease

Posted by on 16 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: healthy diet

We are bombarded every day with information about diets – exercise programs – pills that can help us loose weight – superfoods – and so on. It can be hard to be sure which route we should take to enjoy the best of health. In many cases, there is an ulterior motive behind certain recommendations that so called gurus provide. Often they are promoting a specific product.

One that caught my attention recently was a health guru named David Wolfe who promotes deer placenta capsules. Would you seriously consider eating a deer placenta? Regardless of the nutrients that this may contain – some foods or even superfoods are just wrong.

Rather than having to kill animals for our nutrition, is it possible to stay healthy eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables? Despite what some people are telling you, the answer is yes! In fact, the scientific evidence now points towards a vegan diet being the best for short term well being as well as long term health.

When we take a look at what is going on in the Western world, we see that there are increasing cases of Type 2 Diabetes – and now a days childern are often being affected – where previously, this disease was known as adult onset diabetes. More and more evidence is being uncovered displaying results that whole food, plant based diets are the most effective if we want to stay clear of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer! The thing is, there is no money in this sort of diet. That’s why we’re being told to take all these supersupplements and supercapsules. We’re being encouraged to continue eating as much animal fat and processed foods as we want – “but just take these super pills, at only $49.95” and all will be well.

The truth is that this is just flat out wrong. If you want to learn a language, is it more effective to study a little every day or spend a fortune on some audio course? I hope you said, the former. When we want something, we have to work for it – not take a pill. That’s why if we want to stay fit, healthy and full of energy – we have to think about what we are eating. If something has absolutely no nutritional benefit to our body – why would you want to eat it? Oh yeah, “it tastes good”. Drugs make you feel good, does this make you want to become a junkie? I hope not. We have to realize though that food IS a drug.

Improving your health needn’t be hard nor expensive. Eating more fresh produce and less processed crap is the way to go. Check out some juicer reviews to find out more about how these machines can help you reach your health and fitness goals. The more fruit and vegetables we consume, the fitter and healthier we’ll become. Not only that, but we are protecting ourself from disease at the same time.

Tasty and healthy vegetables

A BBC news article reports that Broccoli may undo diabetes damage. Doesn’t this sound exciting? It’s not just saying that we can protect ourself from diabetes – but we can actually CURE diabetes just by improving our diet. What this means is that it’s never too late.

Reference: Find the recipe for the tasty broccoli salad above at Pinch my Salt.

Why Organic Beauty Products Are Quite Popular Nowadays

Posted by on 08 Sep 2011 | Tagged as: healthy lifestyle

Nowadays the healthy living trend has become ever more popular and is getting much more mainstream all the time. The days when people that choose pure products, such as natural soap, were thought to be hippies or weirdos are finally over. That’s something we can all be grateful for.

Today lots more people are understanding that lots of natural beauty products are much better than the items you find on most market shelves. The local grocery store offers fruits, nuts and greens for sale, and your grandmother would most likely tell you to use the same stuff on your body. And there are lots of great reasons for that.

Progressively more health experts and skin specialists around the world are recommending we switch to pure merchandise. It is because chemical based bath and body goods can cause different skin issues and they are simply not nearly as health for you.

Here are just some of the advantages of choosing organic beauty products:

* Youthful Looking Skin – Pure products can often minimize facial lines and age spots better than chemical derived goods that can do more harm than good to your skin when used for extended periods of time. Natural beauty produce can do very well at fighting the signs of ageing therefore you end up with much younger looking skin even as you get slightly older.

* No Preservatives – Natural products containing nothing but natural ingredients such as organic fruit extracts and grains don’t use any nasty chemical preservatives that can be absorbed into your body. They are cleaner and safer to use on yourelf.

* Gorgeous Shine – Natural skin care products tend to be pure so they will naturally help you after a while. This will give you a gorgeous more radiant looking glow. Many typical items just mask surface imperfections and can make your top dermal layer look worse with long term use. But continual usage of pure manufactured goods will lead to only younger looking, glowing skin that stays fresh and clear over time.

* Cost Effective – Many of these organic products can in fact be made at home with comparable simplicity. The ingredients are normally inexpensive because they are nothing more than various fruits, seeds, leaves, and other ingredients blended together. This ends up being fairly low-priced and ensures that you will know precisely what is in the items that you’re applying on your body.

* Good For The Environment – Regular skin care products are chemical based so they can harm the environment in a big way. The waste from creating them gets pumped, flushed and dumped into our beautiful planet. Also, green cleaning accessories such as natural cleaner and others don’t have that harmful waste so they are safer for your family and pets to be around.

Okay you’ve now learned a few more factors why applying natural skin care and beauty merchandise is becoming so popular recently. It’s for your benefit and the benefit of the planet.

How Healthy is Your Diet? Part 1: Soda Bad!

Posted by on 11 Aug 2011 | Tagged as: diet

So you think you eat a healthy diet, do you? Well, if you can place your hand on your heart and say in all honesty that you are at your correct weight and you are healthy, fit and feel good, then we can believe you. But… if you are overweight and not so fit or healthy, there might be some underlying cause. That cause is more often than not diet related. So let’s look at what you might need to be avoiding in your diet even if you think its okay to include it.

Soda is Bad for You

It is quite amazing how many people go to great lengths to ensure they eat lots of fresh, healthy food, then go ahead and wreck all their good work by pouring what amounts to fizzy poison down their throats to quench their thirst. If you thought that its okay to drink soda as long as you eat right, then you could be doing your health a disservice. There are some really compelling reasons why soda is bad for you, not least of all it will add several inches to your waistline even if what you are eating does not.

There are the two main varieties of soda from our viewpoint. One has copious amounts of refined sugars and the other uses artificial sweeteners. Dieters will be quick to point out that the sugar-laden variety are definite no-no’s when it comes to losing weight. But what they may not realize is that even the so-called diet sodas are just as bad, if not worse than their sugar toting counterparts.

Sugar Sweet and Deadly

It is common knowledge that sugar is just empty calories and the body will store them as fat if it can’t use them right away, which is often the case. Recent medical research has linked a high intake of refined sugar (sucrose and high fructose corn syrup) to cell damage leading to more rapid aging, as well as uncovering links to the formation of cancer cells.

Too much refined sugar in your diet can also lead to a variety of other health problems in the long term. Even some forms of arthritis may be linked to a high level of sugar consumption and the resulting excess of visceral fat.

So what about the artificially sweetened variety of soda?

Artificial Sweets

The chief artificial sweetener of choice is aspartame, which is many times sweeter than refined sugar, cheaper to manufacture and therefore a cheap alternative that has the benefit if creating a low calorie drink for dieters. You might think that this is the solution, but you would be wrong. Very wrong. The first thing dieters need to know about aspartame is that it has been shown in studies to stimulate hunger and cravings for high calorie or high carb snacks. This can lead to snacking on things that will bust your carefully crafted diet when you are between meals.

But it gets worse. Aspartame is made up of three main components, none of which are good for you. About 10% of aspartame is methanol, better known as wood alcohol that is a poison. It is the substance that was responsible for killing or blinding skid-row alcoholics. Methanol becomes unstable at temperatures above 86 degrees Fahrenheit to form free methanol that is easily absorbed by the body. Free methanol breaks down in the body to form formic acid and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is a neurotoxin and is carcinogenic, causes retinal damage, interferes with DNA replication and causes birth defects. You can read more about the “dangers of Aspartame” by Googling that term, or visiting

What about the fizz itself?

Fizz is…

The carbonated water that characterizes soda is also detrimental to health in a number of ways, especially dental health. Excessive amounts of the carbonic acid in soda can corrode the enamel protection of teeth, which will gradually dissolve them over time. This damage cannot be reversed. There have been scares about bone density loss and stomach excessive lining wear, but these have been debunked by more recent studies. However, if you suffer from a gastric ulcer, your doctor will probably recommend that you do not drink soda as this can inflame it.

Still want that cold, refreshing can of soda?

Terry Didcott

How Healthy is Milk?

Posted by on 19 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: diet

In my last post in this mini series of looking at how healthy certain foods are in our diet, The Health of Our Meat, I took the meat industry by the horns and spoke a few home truths! Well, now its the turn of the dairy industry, as if you aren’t still reeling from all this stunning knowledge!

Most of us in the West have grown up on cow’s milk and its derivatives such as yoghurt, cream, butter and cheese, but is it as good for you as the so-called experts keep telling us? Well, not to deflate you any more after learning that meat and vegetables are not up to scratch, but there are one or two thing you need to know about cow’s milk and what use it is in our daily diet. After reading this, you might change your own views on the need to even continue consuming dairy produce in adulthood.

First out of the gate is the well documented fact that we humans, as adults actually can’t metabolize cow’s milk and the lactose it contains very well. In fact many of us are actually lactose intolerant, meaning those people can’t metabolize it at all and when they consume it, they suffer with quite debilitating symptoms. This causes a variety of health problems in people who often have no idea why they are getting sick.

But we hear from the industry that promotes it that drinking milk is necessary to enrich our diet with much needed calcium. Is this true, or is the industry just trying to keep us buying their product?

The fact that we need calcium for strong healthy teeth and bones is true, but we don’t get it from cow’s milk, because we can’t metabolize it very well, remember? The truth is that we derive most of our calcium from green leafy vegetables. We can metabolize them perfectly well and get all the nutrients we need easily, because that’s the way our bodies are designed to work.

It gets worse. If you’re squeamish, look away now…

The cows that provide the milk are pumped full of steroids, growth hormones and antibiotics, as you will have gleaned from my last post. Well, those nasties find their way into the cow’s milk, and are not destroyed during the pasteurization process. So we get to consume these hormones and antibiotics which of course reduce the effectiveness of our own natural immune system’s defenses.

So there are just a few reasons not to consume dairy products, or at least cut down on them drastically. A glimmer of hope lies in the organic food industry as organically reared dairy cows are not fed all these antibiotics and hormones, but access to organic dairy produce is still not as widespread as it could be, but it is improving.

Even so, omitting cows milk from the diet altogether is not such a bad thing. There are way too many reasons for doing it against a very few. mostly habit-based reason for continuing to consume it. Remember, one billion Chinese have practically no dairy produce in their diets and they’re pretty healthy despite its absence!

Terry Didcott

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