There are many positive arguments for taking nutritional supplements for greater health and helping to prevent illness. They come in many forms and here on this page is where you’ll find some really great verifiable resources for just about any of the many kinds that are available that you may want or need.

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Reasons to Take Them?

There are a lot of good reasons for taking certain nutritional supplementation especially if you’re lacking in some vitamins or minerals. Often these days, the food that we buy in supermarkets and shops is sadly lacking in these essential nutrients.

This is a recent development caused by the way the majority of farming is carried out in the west. It’s known as intensive farming and the methods used are the direct cause of the lower benefit of fresh produce.

This is because in the past, farming was carried out by farmers who respected the soil that they grew their crops in. After all, the health of the soil on their land was essential for the health of the crops that they grew in it.

Farming Methods Changed

Back then, the soil was enriched with organic material which not only fed the soil and replaced the nutrients that the previous season’s crops had taken out, but it also improved the crumb structure of the soil making it a friendly place for beneficial creatures such as worms and insects to thrive in, balancing the eco-system.

Also, each field was left fallow for one season in every four, allowing the soil to rest and recuperate after being host to three season’s growing crops.

Nowadays, intensive farming methods have done away with these quaint, yet essential natural ways of doing things. Modern fertilizers mean that the soil can be artificially boosted to make crops grow faster and larger.

The Legacy of Intensive Farming

What is not taken into consideration is that this depletes the soil of its natural nutrients which are not then replaced with natural organic matter. Instead it is merely plowed over ready for the next crop.

This reduces the habitat of natural predators meaning levels of harmful insects and creatures rises, which have to be combated with ever more powerful cocktails of dangerous pesticides and fungicides to do the job that the friendly fauna used to do (which the same pesticides wipe out indiscriminately).

Also, the fallow season is no longer respected as the modern farmer sees this as a waste of land that could be put to use growing another crop for more profit.

All these things come together to deplete the soil of its essential nutrients which means each crop that is grown contains less of the important nutrients we need to stay healthy. As an example, a carrot today contains something like only 2% of the collective nutrients it did 80 years ago.

Which means we have two choices.

Either pay more for organically grown crops. These are grown using older (or more traditional) methods which respect the soil and therefore contain a much higher level of nutrients.

As a positive association with this method of farming, they contain a much lower level of residual pesticides and other harmful poisons. Or you simply take nutritional or vitamin supplements to make up for the shortfall from intensively grown nutrient lacking fresh produce.

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