The installation and frequent use of stair chair lifts is becoming increasingly common in homes and public buildings around the country and in many other countries around the world. This article may apply to many people who have begun to find that their mobility has been degrading over the years to the point where they would now find it increasingly difficult to get around unaided.

A house that they have called home perhaps for many years will have begun to take on a new aspect, especially when it comes to gaining access to upper floors or any part of the house that involves climbing stairs. Similarly for anyone with limited mobility or those who have physical disabilities, when faced with a flight of stairs either in their home or in a public building, it can be likened to being faced with the sheer face of a tall mountain.

Access to Upper Floors

Many people are faced with the harsh reality that access to the upper floors of their home may no longer be available to them unaided. It is not only the limitation placed on homeowners it this position with regard to the freedom of movement around their own homes that creates an unenviable situation. The problem can become acute when the only bathroom in the building happens to be upstairs.

For anyone in these situations, the availability of a method of ascending and descending any stairs effortlessly is not only much appreciated, but also vital. For this reason the stairway chair lift was invented back in the 1920s and it immediately became popular with the elderly and mobility challenged who lived in homes with more than a single floor. The freedom of movement around their homes was a welcome respite from either being restricted to living only on the ground floor of having to rely upon a helper to physically carry them up and down the stairs. The device has been refined and improved ever since to result in the extremely easy to use, quiet and comfortable stairlifts that we have today.

For anyone who doesn’t know what one of these devices is, let me first explain what it does and how it works, to provide you with a better understanding of this valuable and important domestic accessibility aid.

What is a Stair Chair Lift?

This is a simple device that is installed using a rail that runs along a flight of stairs, usually but not always along the wall side. The rail is fixed to the stair risers or can be anchored to the wall or both for maximum stability. The chair rides up and down along the rail and is powered by a small electric motor situated beneath the seat. The chair lift is operated by a simple lever that the user pushed one way to go up, the other to go down and in the center position to stop is necessary anywhere along the ride.

Safety is the first order of the day with all makes and types of stairlift. They are manufactured to a high level of precision and workmanship because they have to pass rigid and exacting quality control rules and regulations before being ready for sale to the public. It is not recommended to try and install one yourself or have a local handyman do it for you cheaply as specialist knowledge and training are needed to insure a secure and safe installation, which should always be undertaken by professional fitters specially trained in the field. A professionally installed public, domestic or residential stair lift will give its owner many years of trouble-free service in complete safety for peace of mind.