One of the more efficient and comfortable ways of getting around when you have mobility issues or disabilities that mean you normally need to use a wheelchair, is to have a mobility scooter, sometimes called a handicap scooter, or motorized scooter. There are some differences in the regular electric scooters that are used by the elderly and more especially adapted scooters that are used by people with disabilities both physical and mental.

The level of sophistication of these powered mobility devices varies depending upon the individual needs of its user. The regular kind of buggy that is ever more commonly seen being driven along the sidewalks and through shopping malls by older people who need the extra mobility are fine for those that do not have any special needs other than to be mobile.

As long as you have full or most control over all limbs, then these are perfect for getting around. For physical disabilities that include the inability to use limbs, more sophistication is needed and available in these specially devised handicap scooters. From the ability to be controlled by a single hand where the use of the other arm or part thereof is limited or not available, to full on electric wheelchairs that can be controlled completely from a single lever by one hand.

Benefits of Owning a Motorized Scooter

The beauty of these scooters is that they are powered by a set of batteries located beneath the seat that run an electric motor. That makes them very quiet in operation and very clean from an environmental viewpoint as there are zero emissions from this type of motorization.

They can easily be recharged overnight by plugging into any regular house electric socket and will run for several hours on a full charge, providing the user with a particularly great range should they wish to travel further than just around the corner.

Buying Handicap Scooters

Buying a motorized scooter is a lot easier than it used to be, with an ever growing choice of makes and models available for every need. Dealerships are more plentiful and it is usually possible to find one in your home town or if not, then in the next town. The greater availability and supply to cope with demand has brought the prices down for all but the most sophisticated models, and even these are less expensive than they were a few years ago.

It pays to shop around and you can even buy them online and have them delivered to your home. Of course, his means you may be buying a model that you are unfamiliar with, so a good way of getting around this is to go visit a real dealership and try out several models to see which one suits you best, then check that model out online to see if you can get a cheaper price.

Don’t forget to include the cost of shipping as in some cases that can push up the price and make the online model on par with or even more expensive than a locally sourced model from your local store.