These days more than ever, the problems and solutions concerning mobility and accessibility are issues faced by people with limited physical functionality in those areas. While that may sound rather mechanical and cold, it is not meant to be.

In fact, it is these very issues faced by many people in many different circumstances in life that could use some information on how to make life a little easier. After all, why should anyone have to “make do” with out of date assistive aids meant to help them get around when there are so many new technological breakthroughs in production and manufacturing that have filtered down to this area of life?

Mobility Aids

There are currently many mobility aids available to people with disabilities, the sick and physically injured, the elderly and the infirm. While not all of them are affordable by everyone, as in the case of larger installations such as the kinds of handicap lifts like stairlifts, wheelchair lifts and the many outdoor stair chairs and accessibility devices, there exist more affordable options.

These include such things as rentals and, depending upon the locality, local authority grants to help cover some of the cost to the individual. This section of Health Image sets out to bring these benefits to the attention of the reader in a series of articles that all come under the collective banner of "Mobility."

Defining Mobility

What do you think of when you hear the term, mobility? Most people think immediately of wheelchairs, some picture an elderly person walking with the aid of a Zimmer frame or similar walker. Others think of electrically propelled scooters that are a more common sight on our sidewalks these days.

There are also crutches more commonly used by people who have suffered injuries or accidents, or a debilitating medical condition such as arthritis that may have in some way restricted the use of their limbs. Or even an elderly gent walking with the aid of an old fashioned walking stick.

More innovative devices are appearing all over the place to help people to stay mobile in the least painful way possible. With the advances in battery storage capabilities, smaller and lighter devices will soon be seen everywhere.

Future Advances

And it is not beyond the scope of imagination to one day see the appearance of devices that will allow even severely physically handicapped people the ability to walk and get around without the cumbersome shackles of yesterday’s machines.

Below you will find a list of the information articles on this and related subjects that are currently available to read. This list is growing over time as more articles get added.

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