We are bombarded every day with information about diets – exercise programs – pills that can help us loose weight – superfoods – and so on. It can be hard to be sure which route we should take to enjoy the best of health. In many cases, there is an ulterior motive behind certain recommendations that so called gurus provide. Often they are promoting a specific product.

One that caught my attention recently was a health guru named David Wolfe who promotes deer placenta capsules. Would you seriously consider eating a deer placenta? Regardless of the nutrients that this may contain – some foods or even superfoods are just wrong.

Rather than having to kill animals for our nutrition, is it possible to stay healthy eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables? Despite what some people are telling you, the answer is yes! In fact, the scientific evidence now points towards a vegan diet being the best for short term well being as well as long term health.

When we take a look at what is going on in the Western world, we see that there are increasing cases of Type 2 Diabetes – and now a days childern are often being affected – where previously, this disease was known as adult onset diabetes. More and more evidence is being uncovered displaying results that whole food, plant based diets are the most effective if we want to stay clear of heart disease, diabetes and even cancer! The thing is, there is no money in this sort of diet.

That’s why we’re being told to take all these supersupplements and supercapsules. We’re being encouraged to continue eating as much animal fat and processed foods as we want – “but just take these super pills, at only $49.95” and all will be well.

The truth is that this is just flat out wrong. If you want to learn a language, is it more effective to study a little every day or spend a fortune on some audio course? I hope you said, the former. When we want something, we have to work for it – not take a pill. That’s why if we want to stay fit, healthy and full of energy – we have to think about what we are eating.

If something has absolutely no nutritional benefit to our body – why would you want to eat it? Oh yeah, “it tastes good”. Drugs make you feel good, does this make you want to become a junkie? I hope not. We have to realize though that food IS a drug.

Improving your health needn’t be hard nor expensive. Eating more fresh produce and less processed crap is the way to go. Check out some juicer reviews to find out more about how these machines can help you reach your health and fitness goals. The more fruit and vegetables we consume, the fitter and healthier we’ll become. Not only that, but we are protecting ourself from disease at the same time.

Tasty and healthy vegetables

A BBC news article reports that Broccoli may undo diabetes damage. Doesn’t this sound exciting? It’s not just saying that we can protect ourself from diabetes – but we can actually CURE diabetes just by improving our diet. What this means is that it’s never too late.

Reference: Find the recipe for the tasty broccoli salad above at “Pinch my Salt”.