Most of us have tried or at least seen one of those chairs that have built in massagers to take care of all the tension in your back and legs. They seem like a luxury item, and thanks to quite a hefty price tag most of us won’t be able to afford them in our homes, but we can use them in places like health spas for a small price.

Massage therapy can be used with heart surgery patientsIt seems though that these massage chairs are not only a luxury item for people who can’t think of anything else to do with their money, but they can also bring about quite a few benefits for people who have gone through heart surgery, or are otherwise heart patients.

Some doctors do not recommend, and in fact can ban you from having a massage after you have gone through a heart surgery, but according to Mayo Clinic, it could actually be a good thing. They recommend light massaging therapy for anyone who has gone through the surgery as it will speed up recovery and at the same time it will make the time more enjoyable. According to a study they did, getting regular massages actually significantly sped up the recovery from the surgery, and it reduced pain and anxiety that is often related to a post surgery state.

Now they didn’t really use these devices for the process, and we can be pretty sure that chair manufacturers will not market their products for this purpose because they want to ┬ábe careful, but when used on a light program, an electric massaging seat could bring similar benefits than a therapy given by a professional. Of course you can’t expect a machine to give similar therapy as a well trained professional, but this study points towards the fact that it could be safe to use massagers to reduce pain and help the patient relax.

After all, when you reduce your pain and are able to get rid of tension and anxiety, you will feel better about your recovery. And it has been shown frequently that a positive mind will not only speed up recovery but it will also make it a lot more pleasant.

Many of these devices are able to deliver a wide array of relaxing programs ranging from aggressive deep tissue message all the way to just a comfortable lymphatic variant. There are many settings from shiatsu to vibrating to Swedish massage, and should someone use a chair like this for the above mentioned purposes, they should always consult their doctor first.

At the same time you should keep the rub down at a comfortable level so that you will still enjoy it and be able to stimulate circulation and relax those achy and tense muscles. After all, getting comfortable is the whole purpose of these chairs.

If you can’t afford to purchase one for your home, you could find a health club where you can use one. It is much cheaper than booking an appointment with a professional rubbing down therapist, and usually you can find a free chair much easier than a massage therapist that has the time for you.