In this post, I’m going to look at some of the true benefits of not just living a healthy lifestyle, but being sensible about how to treat yourself in the kind of things that you load up your body with, or choose to avoid in order to gain a better level of overall health and fitness.

Healthy living and a sensible lifestyle are not entirely dependent on your following this or that fitness regime, or particular sensible exercise schedule. In fact when you really think about it on a common sense level, a healthy lifestyle needs to also come from the inside out.

Watching What You Eat

By this, I mean you need to be very aware of what passes through your lips on the way to your stomach. Food and drink dictate the final outcome of your healthy state, so the saying “you are what you eat” is so very true. That also goes for what you drink, so a little caution and sensible thought put into your food and drink can work wonders with your overall state of health without you making any great changes or sacrifices.

It’s no good exercising down the gym like a lunatic and sweating buckets in order to shed a few pounds if you are simply going to stop off at the local pizza takeaway on the way home and load up with junk food. Similarly its no good to you to stop by your favorite bar and throw a few beers down your throat as reward for your particularly tough workout!

The Holistic Way

You need to take a whole person approach to health and that means exercising some moderation in all things, including exercise and diet. You can have a cold beer every so often just as you can treat yourself to the occasional pizza if that’s what you like. You have to treat these things as special treats that you award yourself for being good to yourself for several days at a time. That way you don’t restrict yourself to an unreasonable diet regime that you are far less likely to stick to because you hate it! Better to opt for a more easy going and enjoyable diet program that offers you choice, variation and interest.

Be being sensible what you eat and drink, you’ll find that your body will reward you much better for feeding and watering it the right way!

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