This is the root index page for the Health Action Plan section of this website. What I'd like to touch on here is the effectiveness that comes with taking action when inspired to do so because of circumstances.

Many people worry about their state of health, yet they do little or nothing to counter the situation. People smoke, drink too much alcohol, eat too much junk and don't get enough exercise and then they complain when their doctor tells them they need to make some changes to their lifestyle.

There is an old saying that goes something like, "A drunk never becomes reformed until he decides to do so." The relevance in that is you have to decide you want to change and then choose to take action in order to bring about the change you desire.

Taking Action

So what do we know about taking action to bring about a change in circumstances? Well, for starters, we know for a fact that NOT taking action will definitely NOT result in any positive change!

The whole reason for doing anything is because you want to create a certain outcome. If we want to get to work on time, we have to make sure we get out of bed in time to have enough time to get ready and travel to our place of work. That's one form of taking action, but it comes about because we know full well that if we didn't do that, we would eventually get fired for frequently turning up late for work!

Most of the things we take action over are actually instigated by external forces other than our own initiative. Like the example of getting to work on time, we only go through the morning routine of getting us from our bed to our place of work because we are afraid of the consequences if we fail to do those things.

In one sense, this reactive mode of living is often responsible for our failure to realize the things we really want out of life. If our health is below par, we react to it by doing things to remedy the situation, but often that only happens AFTER the doctor has told us we need to do this or that or take a pill or potion to make it better.

The Desire for Positive Change

The true way to create positive change in our lives, whether it be in our financial situation, our relationships or our personal health is to take proactive action. That means instead of waiting for things to go bad, we continually work at making things better.

Instead of waiting to get overweight through eating a poor diet and getting little or no exercise, we make the conscious decision to eat a healthy diet and do some daily exercise. That way, the problems of weight gain simply don't manifest.

Instead of waiting for a heart attack to take us, we get proactive in ensuring that our cardiovascular system is in the peak of health. We keep a careful watch on our cholesterol levels and reduce stress in our lives wherever possible. We keep our physical body healthy by not eating junk food and ensuring we get plenty of omega 3 essential oil in our diet.

There are many ways to take action in order to keep fit, healthy and happy. It's all down to personal choice. You have to choose to identify what needs to be done and then to take whatever action is necessary to keep ahead of any potential problems that can crop up. It's all about being proactive rather than reactive and it's a lifestyle choice that you need to make.