For many men who experience hair loss at a young age, the loss of confidence alone can be a major contributor to the need for finding a solution and if possible, to reverse the loss by activating regrowth. There are several products that the maker’s claim can bring surprisingly good results in a high proportion of users over a lengthy period of time.

Rogaine is one of the market leaders in this area and this manufacturer’s products are used by many thousands of men and women who experience varying degrees of baldness.

Rogaine for menRogaine for Men Hair Regrowth Treatment, Easy-to-Use Foam, 2.11 Ounce

This article looks at this high profile and highly sought after men’s product, which is FDA approved for the treatment of thinning and loss of hair. The brand comes in a collection of several products, although we are specifically focusing on the easy to use, extra strength, unscented foam.

Rogaine for Men

One of the things that puts many men off the idea of trying a regrowth formula like Rogaine is the extended length of time that must elapse before it starts to work in regrowing the hair that they had lost. The time frame for this differs from man to man, but in general you should expect to take several months of use before you really begin to get visible results.

Regrowing lost hair is a naturally slow going process.

However, when you stay with it and maintain your belief that this product will work for you, then barring any specialized medical condition that may prevent it, you ought to regain a good percentage of what was lost, ending up with a much better coverage of hair across your scalp.


There are several key benefits to using this particular regrowth treatment over other brands. Here are some of the main points:

  • Number one dermotologist recommended
  • FDA approved
  • Easy to use foam
  • Extra strength for faster results

Of course the most important benefit of all is in being provided with the means to regain a goodly proportion of the confidence that was eaten away at over a relatively long period of anguish at the progressive balding being experienced. By having the means to reverse that process and enjoy natural regrowth of an important aspect of your physical appearance, the value can be thought of as priceless!

When you no longer have to suffer the stares and uncomfortable looks that complete strangers as well as friends and acquaintances sometimes fire at you because of an obviously thinning thatch, the boost to self esteem can’t be measured in units of money.

It can’t be measured in any way aside from the way you feel!

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