There is a new player in the weight loss diet program sector that has recently burst onto the market. It’s name is Fitium and its one you may want to watch out for. Why should I, you might ask?

Well, rather than try to re-invent the wheel, the people behind the Fitium program have taken it, redesigned it to go faster and come up with a plan that is both scientifically tested and backed by medical professionals. In short, it is a dieter’s dream come true!

What is Fitium?

basically, this is a new take on a tried and tested formula. Like other membership programs (Weight Watchers etc) you sign up for a monthly membership subscription. That gets you access to their online community forums, team of expert nutritionists and fitness coaches and on-going support.

You complete a questionnaire upon signup. The information you give is used to personalize your own diet program based on certain aspects of what your current eating habits are and what has been causing you to gain weight.

Essentially, this strategy targets the root cause of your weight problem, then sets about to devise an effective counter measure that enables you to turn things around. The diet plan is tailored to your individual needs and in that respect it can be very effective and a powerful way to lose those excess pounds fairly easily.

What Does Fitium Cost?

While its may not be the cheapest fitness and diet program around, it certainly works out a lot less than hiring a personal trainer and/or consulting a nutritionist for a personalized diet plan.

Prices start at under $2.50 per week when you pay for a full year’s membership. That rises to $19.95 a month if you want to pay monthly.

You get a lot of information, support and advice as well as the benefits of getting on a personalized program for that money. Plus by committing yourself to this program, you give yoruself the psychological impetus to work toward your own success in achieving a weight loss goal that you set for yourself.

More Information

At present, as this program is relatively new, there isn’t a lot of in-depth information available outside the originating official website for the program. I aim to change that! I’m producing more articles to cover this program, including a full review of Fitium as well as additional articles looking at various aspects of the program.

So watch this space for more information on this new contender for your attention when it comes to shedding those excess, unwanted spare pounds of body fat!