As a follow on to the series of articles we are putting together on the weight loss diet meal delivery program provided by eDiets, we will take a closer look at the actual mechanics of their meal delivery process. This will give you a better idea of what is involved should you decide to sign up with them and get your own weight loss journey started in earnest.

The first thing you will notice about the meal delivery system used by this program is that it is designed to provide all your food for a week at a time. You can choose whether you want to have meals for five days out of seven, effectively giving you weekend off if you like to go out and eat at restaurants or visit friends or family for get-togethers that invariably involve a meal. Or you can choose the full seven day plan that covers all seven days. Either plan provides you with four meals per day, which is seen as an optimum number of times to eat during the day so that you do not overdo it in any one sitting and it spreads the eating out more evenly throughout the day.

eDiets Food Menu

The food itself is set out in a breakfast, lunch, afternoon snack and evening meal with dessert. The quality of the meals is high because they are not the processed. Neither are they freeze dried and water reconstituted such as you may get from some other diet companies. Instead they are actually freshly prepared by the company’s own chefs as they receive your order. Each meal you select for your personal plan are made to order by the company’s own chefs in their USDA-inspected kitchen. Only the highest quality ingredients are used in their foods and there are no added preservatives.

The prepared meals are then packed in advanced “chill-fresh” packaging for optimum freshness. They are then shipped directly to your home address. When your shipment is delivered to your home, all you need to do is store the individual packages in your refrigerator. As you require each one, just unpack it, heat it up, eat it up and enjoy it! It really is that simple.

eDiets Meal Quality Revealed

The variety is very good with over 100 main meals to choose from in over 20 specific diet plans. That means there is a diet plan to suit most people’s needs, whether it be for vegetarians, diabetics or people with any other special needs, as well as regular plans for men and women of all ages, tastes and needs. All meals and program menus are created, designed and approved by eDiets own staff of qualified expert dietitians.

While all main meals are free from preservatives, some of the pre-packaged snacks, pre-prepared items such as tortillas for instance and some sauces may contain small amounts of preservatives. The ingredient list is provided on all packaging so you can check. You can also check the ingredients on individual items before you order online. Also, all of their food is totally free of trans fats.

Storing Meals on Delivery

The meals should be stored right away in a refrigerator and will remain fresh for up to 10 days from receipt of your cooler. If you intend keep the meals for longer you may freeze them for as long as three months. The entire shipment of chilled meal packs takes up surprisingly little space. So you should easily fit them into your domestic fridge or freezer without any trouble.

You might be more interested in learning more about this great way to lose weight with such little effort. You could click on the image below to visit the official website and find out more about their latest special offers and discounts:

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The author is a qualified nutritionist and weight loss hypnotherapist and is also an affiliate of eDiets.