For many years, Nutrisystem has been providing many thousands of people each year with the means to lose weight through a nutritionally balanced, calorie and portion controlled diet that is both time saving and convenient. Their special brand of weight loss diet program that delivers all the meals a customer requires to their home has proved both popular and highly successful. So how is it faring in 2012?

The program has gone from strength to strength in recent years. You can read about the program overall in our own Nutrisystem Reviews article published on this website. But here’s an update on what has been happening recently.

Although 2011 saw a slight drop in popularity that could be attributed to their marketing strategy change. That saw them drop the famous celebrity spokespeople Marie Osmond and Dan Mareno in favor of ordinary, “real” people who were successful customers to promote their brand. It backfired in a small way as it seems the American public responds more readily to being sold on a product by a big name celebrity over a “nobody”.

Nutrisystem Celebrity Spokesperson

So late in December 2011, the company made a big change to their marketing and promotion machine bringing on board a very big celebrity spokesperson, Janet Jackson. Its a little early to say how much of an impact this change of strategy has had on sales, but the early signs are very good.

But aside from promoting the product, what has Nutrisystem got to offer its customers by way of a better way to lose weight in 2012?

Nutrisystem Success™ 2012

The diet program has changed somewhat from last year’s setup in that there are more meal options to choose from and they have included high protein diet shakes into the menu. They have branded the new diet program Nutrisystem Success™ and there are high hopes from both the company and customers that this latest incarnation of the popular diet food delivery program will be a huge success.

The standard plans all incorporate around 30 percent fresh frozen meals which are delivered separately from the main package. They actually originate from Schwann’s who create the special meals under license and do not sell them separately or as part of their own diet frozen meal range. The Select™ plan is still available if you want a fully fresh frozen meal diet plan. The overall menu has been improved, although most of the improvements went in last year when they enlisted the services of several celebrity chefs to create new meal options and better quality choices.

Losing Weight With Nutrisystem

The bottom line for any diet is how successfully a person can lose weight using the program. You first have to remember that this program is mainly designed for use by people who don’t have time to spend working on a regular diet. That’s where they have to go buy all the ingredients at the store, then prepare and cook the meals themselves making sure they adhere to calorie counts, portion sizes and nutritional requirements.

This is a diet that does all the work for you and you just take each meal as you need it, heat it up and eat. It appeals to people who can’t or won’t cook and those who have busy lives and don’t want to spend any time in the kitchen cooking special meals for themselves and different ones for the rest of the family. As such, the customer can’t realistically expect the meals to be of the same quality as those they home cook themselves.

The meals are what they are, which are creations by a diet company who know how to make low calorie, nutritional meals that help people lose weight. They work as long as you work with the program. They work even better when you put some time and effort into your own well being by getting some exercise each day to help boost your metabolism and turbo charge the effectiveness of the diet itself.

Its all about losing weight and how much you really want to lose it! You get out of it what you put into it!

Terry Didcott