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Using Detox Kits Helps Maintaining Your Health

Posted by on 01 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: health

Many health problems these days are directly or indirectly caused by accumulation of man made toxins in our bodies. Every time factories pollute the air, or release their waste in the waters, we are exposed to the waste. Not necessarily directly, but as the water gets polluted the crops that are watered get polluted.

When the air is no longer clean, the air we are breathing is not clean, and neither is the rain that waters the plants we eat, and the plats the animals we eat, etc. This puts a dramatic stress on our bodys’ detoxification systems, and the modern day nutritional habits can’t cope up with this.

Most people are fundamentally against eating vitamin supplements and using herbal supplements to help maintain their health. They say that “a versatile diet is all I need”. The problem is that most of these people don’t eat a versatile diet, and because our vegetables are power-grown we no longer get enough vitamins and minerals from them.

Most of the fruits we eat are imported, and they are picked from the trees when they still are raw. They don’t develop as much antioxidants as they should, and as a result, we don’t get enough antioxidants from them. This is where using a body detox kit on a regular basis will come in to the picture.

As we are exposed to more toxins than our bodies can handle, and our detoxification systems lack the necessary elements to function at full power, we need to supply the system and avoid possible pollution. Unfortunately most of the pollution is unavoidable, and even in remote areas of the north pole, we can find chemicals that have travelled there airborne. So all we can do is detoxify, detoxify and detoxify.

What do we need to detox properly? We need vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. We might also need specific natural compounds which boost our liver detoxification pathways. These can be a key in a detox program, and between these perhaps week long programs, one should supply the body with enough vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to keep the process going.

The body is a complex system, and going in to details on how one can benefit from detox kits can be too much for the scope of this medium. What I do want to emphasize is that when you get rid of your waste more efficiently, your body will have more power to burn fat and keep your immune functions working properly.

Also when harmful estrogens leave your body, the risk for diseases such as cancer reduce. And when you lose weight, you are less likely to get diabetes or CVD.

So take it upon yourself to do something positive to look after your body and keep your weight in check. You’ll benefit from doing that in a myriad of ways, not least of all helping to feel better, have more energy and look great!

Drink Green Tea for a Healthy Body and Mind

Posted by on 25 Aug 2010 | Tagged as: health

There are several super foods that are known to have many health giving properties, but one of the most exciting of all must be green tea. Its been used for many centuries by the Chinese and other Asian civilizations as both traditional beverage and health giving infusion. In the West, we have finally woken up this sleeping dragon and are discovering new ways in which it can benefit our health.

green teaOf all the amazing properties crammed into a cup of this tasty beverage, one of the most important is not necessarily its antioxidants, or weight loss properties, but its ability to calm the mind and soothe the soul, or in short, to relieve stress. For of all the problems that negatively affect a person’s health, stress is the worst and most widely damaging of them all. Anything we can do to avoid stress should be done and if we can’t avoid it, then we should learn how to deal with it so that it becomes no big deal.


Drinking this amazing tea promotes the release of the relaxing hormone serotonin in the brain and this is the property that can help us to relieve the stress if we are suffering from it. But there’s even more to it than that and this is something that we haven’t considered yet, at least in the West.

The very act of preparing and drinking green tea in the East is a ritual that great care is taken over, great reverence applied to and traditional rules adhered to. Why is this? If you’ve ever watched the tea ceremony being performed, you would wonder at the slow, deliberate and careful way in which it is done.

And therein lies the secret.


Preparing to receive a cup of this beverage brewed and served in the traditional manner is part of a process that relaxes the body. This allows the stress to melt away, while the actual drinking of the tea acts on the brain to send those good feeling hormones through the body to complete the task of attaining a state of relaxation.

In the West, we concentrate on the scientific reasons why green tea relieves stress while ignoring the other side to the process which is the physical slowing down of the body to receive it. Sure, the chemical properties of this beverage will do a body no end of good. But that good could be enhanced greatly by taking the time to drink it the way it was meant to be taken, as we have been shown by our oriental teachers but in the most part chosen to ignore.

Learn to Slow Down

tea bagsIn our fast paced western lifestyle, we don’t take the time for such things, which is a big part of the reason we have so much stress in the first place!

We package up the product in teabags that can be thrown into a cup of boiling water and drank as fast as possible so we can get on to the next thing we have to be doing. This is not the way it was intended to be taken and I believe that if we were to take the time to do it correctly, then the benefits to health in general would certainly be enhanced.


As for the other properties of this amazing tea, of course antioxidants are incredibly important for mopping up those damaging free radicals. The polyphenol EGCG is much more powerful than the resveratrol found in red wine and is found in abundance in this flavorsome drink. It is also worth buying organic green tea rather than cheaper brands that may also come with a payload of chemical pesticides and other nasties.

As for drinking green tea to lose weight, it does this in two ways. First it contains caffeine, which ordinarily would boost the metabolism to cause the body to burn calories faster, but while levels of caffeine are lower in this tea than the black variety or coffee, it combines with other chemicals not present in those other beverages to cause the metabolism to work even faster.

Second, drinking this brew suppresses the insulin response to eating foods (or drinking drinks) that are high in refined sugars. This leads to less visceral (belly) fat being stored and therefore helps to control weight gain.

There are many other health properties associated with drinking green tea that we will include in a future post here.

How to Improve Your Lifestyle #3

Posted by on 15 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: health

Here’s another installment in what appears to be another of my famous mini-series that pepper my blogs and websites, all about how to improve your lifestyle. We’ve already looked at the basics of getting up and away from the mind-sapping television and forcing yourself into a positive frame of mind in order to place yourself in a state of readiness to press forward towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Then we looked at the powerful technique of visualization – using your imagination to place yourself as you wish to be right now in the present. That works so well in itself that it completely upends your mindset into believing that whatever you wish to achieve, you can.

Now to take the next step and actually do it.

Bring Your Reality into Your Life

You have a powerful picture in your mind of how you want yourself to appear, how healthy and fit you wish to be etc. Now you use that as the template to drive yourself towards that goal. Make sure the goal is truly achievable for you else if you try to aim for too much you may not be able to realize it even in your mind as your unconscious will take over and tell you that its more than you are capable of achieving.

But an achievable goal, once set in your mind, will be easy to visualize and materialize. The reason for this is because it is easier to do something that is, well, easy! So make your mental creation something that you know is easy for you to do and you’ll find it that much simpler to achieve.

Positive Attitude

By being in the right frame of mind and actually having seen how you will be in your mind’s own eye, you will find it a pleasurable and simple task to take the necessary action to achieve that goal.

You will find that you will want to take on that new exercise regime and happily stick to it. That’s because you will no longer see it as something of a chore that must be endured. But rather you will begin to see it as a pleasurable experience that you will always look forward to and will enjoy taking part in. You’ll also find that you will want to cut out the bad foods from your diet and only eat sensibly and feel happy to do it. To you. it will feel like a much more desirable experience than feeling miserable at missing out on those fat and cholesterol producing cakes and biscuits that will no longer be a part of your life.

Then you are happily on the road to your new healthy lifestyle. Make it a long and happy one!

How to Improve Your Lifestyle #2

Posted by on 19 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: health

Now we can move forward with some serious positive thinking to get you further psyched up to change your unhealthy lifestyle for a healthy lifestyle! There are many ways in which you can achieve a healthier way of life and it starts with you getting into the right frame of mind to make it happen.

After all, nothing ever happens unless someone makes it happen!


First up is all about visualization and imagination. What the mind can conceive… you can achieve – always believe that and you will be able to do anything that you have a mind to do. The technique couldn’t be simpler. To give you a good idea on how you can do this for yourself, what follows is an easy step by step instruction on how you can make improvements to your life, your health and everything that is involved with it.


You relax and clear out any day to day worries or negative programming that has gone on before and then place a picture in your mind of how you want to be. Put it in the present tense, as if you have already achieved your goal. That goal may be some physical weight loss, or gaining improved muscle tone throughout your body, or attaining better health in general. Whatever you focus on should be something that is important to you. You then just place that picture of you as you desire to be in your mind as if you are that way right now. use your imagination to create that picture for you in your mind.

Then what you need to do is imagine yourself walking around like you see yourself in that mental image. Make a point of feeling and experiencing exactly how good you feel about yourself being your ideal weight, or ideal body shape, or ideal level of health and fitness. Imagine feeling the clothes you are wearing and how they feel on you, see the sun shining, the day warm and bright and everything else that makes a perfect day for you.

See It and Live It

This is all about placing yourself right there in the image you are holding in your mind and really feeling, really experiencing what it is you are visualizing at the moment. Its a very powerful experience and you may surprise yourself at the depth of the feeling that you have while you are going through this amazing process. It can feel so real in the moment that you come out of it feeling really and truly wonderful as if you already had achieved your goal and were experiencing it for real right at that moment.

Practice doing this visualization exercise every day and you will achieve what you set out to do!

How to Improve Your Lifestyle #1

Posted by on 23 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: health

We’ve looked at a lot of things to do with health in this blog, from losing weight to maintaining a good fitness level to eating a healthy diet to improving your mood by being more positive. So this post looks at the overall big picture of the importance of improving your lifestyle to bring about an improvement in your overall level of health.

If you want to improve your lifestyle, you have to work at it.

Get Working

That doesn’t mean sitting on your lazy backside in front of the television dreaming about having a body like that model on that advertisement for perfume, either! That will get you nowhere fast and just add to your feelings of laziness and morose morbidity. Way too many people are fooled into thinking that they can make improvements to their health just by wishing or dreaming it into existence, then deciding that they may start to do something about it sometime or other. Of course, that sometime never comes

You have to get up onto your own two feet and make that start today. Right now!

Motivate Yourself

Tell yourself in no uncertain terms that you are going to get fit and you are going to do it all by yourself. That’s a powerful self improving statement because it affirms to your own subconscious that you are now determined to make the necessary improvements to your way of life in order to bring about the change that is necessary to improve your lifestyle. You have to make that assertion to yourself and you have to mean it.

If you don’t think you can be fully behind that with all of your will, then you need to keep reminding yourself over and over that you can do it. This is a powerful way of teaching yourself by repetition and its something you can apply almost anything to. What you are effectively doing is to teach your subconscious that a certain state is true. It will accept your repetitive statements to teh fact and even if you don’t fully believe it at the outset, eventually you will come to accept it as reality.

Taking the First Step

That’s the first step in what might seem a really important and sometimes tough journey. There are many others to take and I won’t lie to you and tell you it will be easy, because it will not. But you have to make that conscious decision for yourself, because no one else can do it for you – only you. Your health is totally your responsibility so its up to you to motivate yourself to make it happen the way you want it to.

So start today and amaze yourself at what you can achieve!

Healthy Sleep for a Healthy Life

Posted by on 24 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: health

Welcome back to this healthy place where I want to look at the importance of that part of your day that you spend doing nothing much at all. I’m talking about the end of the day when you go to bed and hopefully drift off into peaceful slumber.

You see, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is not to forget to sleep!

Beauty Sleep is More than Just for beauty

Sleep is the body’s repair time, when it goes into it’s own self-replenishment period each day. Old, damaged cells are replaced with new healthy cells, tired muscle relax and repair any minor damage and the organs rest from the daily bombardment of toxins that we throw at them while we’re awake.

But a lot of us are simply not getting enough quality sleep for our bodies to do their full repair workouts at night, which leaves us feeling tired and listless during the day. In fact new research has shown that women are up to twenty percent more likely to come up short with the sleep than men.

Don’t Let insomnia Get in Your Way

Insomnia hits everyone at some stage in their lives, but some people are more prone to suffering than others. If that includes you, there are some simple things you can do to help prevent those sleepless nights becoming a real health problem.

You could try clearing out your bedside table so that it’s not piled high with books, notepads, diaries and puzzles etc. These things send out distracting signals and messages to your unconscious, so by keeping this area clear you ensure that it and your bedroom is reserved only for sleeping.

Stop Worrying

If you lay awake at night worrying about work-related thoughts, then you can try a re-focusing technique. This works by making yourself consciously remember what you were doing this time last year. As soon as you settle on a memory, run through it in more detail in your mind. Think about how you were feeling then, what you were wearing, what the weather was like – that sort of thing.

By running calming thoughts and happy memories through your mind you create a calmness that you can enhance by then running calming words through and listening to the soothing sound of them. Words like “soothe”; “calm”; “relax”; “breathe”. They will relax you further and help you to drift off to sleep naturally.

So you see anyone can relax themselves enough to let go of the day’s troubles and enjoy a peaceful, revitalizing and natural sleep.

For more information on maintaining a healthy body, there is an older post that covers being healthy from the inside out and is a good addition to this post.

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