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Using Detox Kits Helps Maintaining Your Health

Posted by on 01 Jul 2011 | Tagged as: health

Many health problems these days are directly or indirectly caused by accumulation of man made toxins in our bodies. Every time factories pollute the air, or release their waste in the waters, we are exposed to the waste. Not necessarily directly, but as the water gets polluted the crops that are watered get polluted.

When the air is no longer clean, the air we are breathing is not clean, and neither is the rain that waters the plants we eat, and the plats the animals we eat, etc. This puts a dramatic stress on our bodys’ detoxification systems, and the modern day nutritional habits can’t cope up with this.

Drink Green Tea for a Healthy Body and Mind

Posted by on 25 Aug 2010 | Tagged as: health

There are several super foods that are known to have many health giving properties, but one of the most exciting of all must be green tea. Its been used for many centuries by the Chinese and other Asian civilizations as both traditional beverage and health giving infusion. In the West, we have finally woken up this sleeping dragon and are discovering new ways in which it can benefit our health.

green teaOf all the amazing properties crammed into a cup of this tasty beverage, one of the most important is not necessarily its antioxidants, or weight loss properties, but its ability to calm the mind and soothe the soul, or in short, to relieve stress. For of all the problems that negatively affect a person’s health, stress is the worst and most widely damaging of them all. Anything we can do to avoid stress should be done and if we can’t avoid it, then we should learn how to deal with it so that it becomes no big deal.

How to Improve Your Lifestyle #3

Posted by on 15 Dec 2009 | Tagged as: health

Here’s another installment in what appears to be another of my famous mini-series that pepper my blogs and websites, all about how to improve your lifestyle. We’ve already looked at the basics of getting up and away from the mind-sapping television and forcing yourself into a positive frame of mind in order to place yourself in a state of readiness to press forward towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Then we looked at the powerful technique of visualization – using your imagination to place yourself as you wish to be right now in the present. That works so well in itself that it completely upends your mindset into believing that whatever you wish to achieve, you can.

Now to take the next step and actually do it.

How to Improve Your Lifestyle #2

Posted by on 19 Nov 2009 | Tagged as: health

Now we can move forward with some serious positive thinking to get you further psyched up to change your unhealthy lifestyle for a healthy lifestyle! There are many ways in which you can achieve a healthier way of life and it starts with you getting into the right frame of mind to make it happen.

After all, nothing ever happens unless someone makes it happen!


First up is all about visualization and imagination. What the mind can conceive… you can achieve – always believe that and you will be able to do anything that you have a mind to do. The technique couldn’t be simpler. To give you a good idea on how you can do this for yourself, what follows is an easy step by step instruction on how you can make improvements to your life, your health and everything that is involved with it.

How to Improve Your Lifestyle #1

Posted by on 23 Oct 2009 | Tagged as: health

We’ve looked at a lot of things to do with health in this blog, from losing weight to maintaining a good fitness level to eating a healthy diet to improving your mood by being more positive. So this post looks at the overall big picture of the importance of improving your lifestyle to bring about an improvement in your overall level of health.

If you want to improve your lifestyle, you have to work at it.

Get Working

That doesn’t mean sitting on your lazy backside in front of the television dreaming about having a body like that model on that advertisement for perfume, either! That will get you nowhere fast and just add to your feelings of laziness and morose morbidity. Way too many people are fooled into thinking that they can make improvements to their health just by wishing or dreaming it into existence, then deciding that they may start to do something about it sometime or other. Of course, that sometime never comes

Healthy Sleep for a Healthy Life

Posted by on 24 Aug 2009 | Tagged as: health

Welcome back to this healthy place where I want to look at the importance of that part of your day that you spend doing nothing much at all. I’m talking about the end of the day when you go to bed and hopefully drift off into peaceful slumber.

You see, one of the most important things you can do for yourself is not to forget to sleep!

Beauty Sleep is More than Just for beauty

Sleep is the body’s repair time, when it goes into it’s own self-replenishment period each day. Old, damaged cells are replaced with new healthy cells, tired muscle relax and repair any minor damage and the organs rest from the daily bombardment of toxins that we throw at them while we’re awake.

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