If you have been experiencing dry skin and irritations that come with this condition, then there are a number of solutions and options open to you. Face creams are one such remedy that have been used for centuries and today’s creams are certainly up to the job of dong what they are meant to do.

But when you’re looking around for the best deals and good value in a product such as this, it can be false economy to grab the cheapest one you see. That’s one very good reason to be aware that not all face creams are made equal and that some are far better than others, even though they may not be quite so cheap. Of course, that doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune on getting the best one for your skin type and complexion.

This particular product is a compensating anti aging face cream that works to cool and soothe irritated skin. It can restore the skin’s natural balance and condition with regular use over time.

Where to Buy Sisley Botanical Restorative Facial Cream

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What is Shea Butter?

This substance is widely used by the cosmetics industry in moisturizing creams and lotion. The raw ingredient is a slightly yellowish natural fat that is extracted from shea tree nuts, which are found in Africa. The extract is obtained by crushing the nut, then boiling and stirring the pulp. It is also edible and is sometimes used in some food preparation.

What makes this product so useful to the cosmetics industry is that it melts at body temperature and then is absorbed rapidly into the skin although it doesn’t leave any greasy feeling. It is also useful in hair conditioner as it helps to moisturize brittle hair. As an anti-aging preparation it moisturizes, relaxes and smooths the facial skin.

Looking to Buy Sisley Face Cream?

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