There is a big drive going on these days to look younger whatever physical age you may have reached. For men, this is not quite so important as for women seeing as how men tend to mature more gracefully whereas women age more visibly and therefore have the need to halt the progress of nature at least as best as can be done with modern aids.

What we have then is an industry that is built up on the need of mainly women but also some men to stay looking younger than they really are. The first and most obvious place to work on is the face because this is the first place people generally look and it is also the place that gets lined more and where saggy skin is more pronounced. To counter this wrinkling and sagging of the skin, there are many good anti aging creams and preparation that can go some way to reducing the appearance of those lines and wrinkles while toning up the skin to bring back at least some of its youthful elasticity.

Of course, there are many natural ways of helping yourself to stay looking younger for longer and they don’t involve any creams, pills or potions. These are just common sense things that anyone can do to help themselves if they want to:

  • If you smoke, then quit right now. Smoking ages your skin faster than most anything else.
  • Don’t spend too much time in the sun. A great tan may be good for the ego, but its bad news for your skin’s appearance over time.
  • If you drink a lot of alcohol, start cutting back. Excessive alcohol has a negative effect on the condition of your skin because it dehydrates you.
  • Same goes for too much coffee or tea. The caffeine may help you stay awake longer but the dehydrating effect is not kind to skin.
  • Get more sleep! If you are not getting your full quota of an unbroken eight hours sleep every night (with a portion of that time before midnight) your skin will suffer for it. During deep sleep, the cells of the body are repaired and new ones created to replace old ones that die. That includes the cells that make up your skin!
  • Drink lots of plain water. Water hydrates you perfectly and properly hydrated skin is younger looking skin!

In the pages that follow this one there will be features on a variety of different anti aging skin cream, preparations and balms that all have their place in the bathroom cabinet for ready access to applying every day as directed by each individual product. We include our own short review to help balance what you nay see in ads for these products as they are often made out to be far more effective than they really are, although in some cases they are played down enough for us to be able to give a good, unbiased opinion that may help you decide if you think this or that product is worth your while trying out for yourself.